Yi Mandarin Singapore: How To Choose The Best Chinese School

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While Singapore has been using English as their medium of teaching and formality, and which is also taught to children at a very young age, learning Singaporean Chinese promotes more open communication between the citizens. 

For learning the Chinese language extensively, one must choose a great Chinese school that can help them meet their academic and personal goals. Having said that, here are some things to look for when choosing the best Chinese school:


  • Look For A School That Puts Emphasis On Chinese Culture And Heritage


Opt for a school that will help you learn not only the language itself, but also the Chinese culture and heritage, like the Yi Mandarin in Singapore. Look into their language learning principles and make sure that these are deeply rooted to the Chinese culture and tradition, thus helping students immerse themselves in Chinese history and mindset.

To know if a certain school puts emphasis on cultural matters, you may browse through the institution’s curricula and activities. Do they expose students to the Chinese culture?  If they have evident claims for this, try to confirm these through asking some of its students.


  • Determine If The School Has A Proven Track Record Of Excellence 


There is an abundance of language schools wherever you go today, but there is no certainty that you will truly learn a language effectively from each one of these institutions. Before looking inside the academy, research for how long the school has been established, and, if possible, view their track record of academic success. Since you’re all after learning about the Chinese language, find a school that specializes in this field.

Make sure that you’re choosing a school that delivers utmost excellence, one that has been standing still as a language institution for years. You may be able to confirm this by visiting their website, reading reviews about the school online, and asking people who have been involved with the school in one way or another.


  •  Confirm If The School Gives Students An Equal Treatment


It is of the essence that a Chinese school you choose treats its students equally, such that it provides them equal access to learning resources and facilities regardless of race, color, age, abilities, and social status, among many others. It should not, in a way, discriminate.

If a Chinese school doesn’t have this important quality, then you should start looking into other options.


  • Ensure That The School Provides Effective Instruments For Assessment


Studying Mandarin is a valuable investment for your future career or the success of your current one. You’re shelling out money and exerting tremendous efforts just to learn the language, thus the Chinese school that you should be choosing must provide high academic standards that ensure all bases are covered as far as Mandarin is concerned.

In line with this, the institution should have assessment tools that could effectively measure the students’ progress. Contrary to other fields of discipline that can have the same line of assessment tool, Mandarin learning assessment can have a few special modifications and alterations. 

To instill more motivation among students, quizzes and examinations tend to be tougher than usual, but these prove to be  beneficial in the long run. Some of the assessment methods that a good Chinese school incorporates to their curricula are the following:

  • Friendly diagnostic quizzes every chapter through undercover exams and numberless remarks system
  • Having students write essays about topics that they are having difficulty understanding
  • Using a student-centered approach through self-assessment 
  • Evaluating speaking skills and topic comprehension through an assessment tool not involving written sections


  • Check If The School Only Hires Qualified Mandarin Instructors


Obviously, a good Chinese school must have instructors who possess the right credentials, such as the following:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin Chinese, education, or related courses
  • A student teaching internship in Mandarin classes
  • A teaching certification signed by their city
  • A work permit in Singapore 

For some schools, a few years of experience in teaching Mandarin is an advantage. When choosing a good Chinese school, also take into account the reputation of the school based on the educational backgrounds and teaching capabilities of the language instructors.


Finding the best Chinese school to improve your language skills is an entirely difficult process, but once you find the right one for you, learning will bring you daily excitement and an endless passion for learning. When finding the best Chinese school in Singapore, considering those tips above will help you save time, money, and effort while bringing out your fullest potential in speaking and writing Mandarin.