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Looking for a Sweet Summer Gig Cruising Croatia? Check out these Yacht Jobs in the Mediterranean

yacht jobs Hey sports fans….no no wait that isn’t right. I mean living a sweet ass a life overseas fans. I don’t know about you but spending a summer getting paid cruising around the Mediterranean – you know with that crystal clear water, sexy locals (Med diet and all) on a yachts – sounds pretty damn appealing to me. I maybe living in Bangkok at the moment, but I am always thinking of you. I have mentioned different job opportunities in the Greek Islands for the summer, from the working at the Pink Palace to all kinds of bar party jobs on Ios Greece, but this one is a bit different and more organized. That said, I found these awesome summer job opportunities with Sail-Croatia. This one even entails taking part in some of the excursions such as river rafting, buggy safaris and beach parties as part of the job. Shit – putting it like that I think I may have to apply for this one.   Anywho – Looks like they are looking for three different positions.

All equally pretty amazing experiences:  
Photographer – taking nice pictures and making it look amazing (not a tough sell) Videographer/Video Blogger – try out your video shooting skills and make some epic footage
Onboard Ship Representatives – rep the company and holler at customers Reservations guy – Office monkeys, but I am sure the perks are good.  

Not going to lie, this one sounds pretty legit. From the looks of it sounds like they pay $1,500 a month plus commission and take care of most of the living expense, ie accommodation, food when onboard, and bonuses. Ummm. Think hard on this one guys…. You can find the listing here. Tell them that Turner sent you.

Turner barr

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  • flipnomad
    Posted at 03:13h, 07 April

    i’ve read a lot of info before about backpackers working on yacht (and some hitching a ride on yachts as well)… checking out the link that you’ve shared… might be a nice opportunity…

  • Leigh
    Posted at 09:13h, 07 April

    The photographer job sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

  • Penny
    Posted at 20:35h, 08 April

    Looks like it’s a non paying gig for the photographer but if someone needed to build their resume, could be fun.

    • Turner
      Posted at 20:50h, 08 April

      Yeah. I spoke with them today. Looks like a lot of fun if you are a blogger, photography person, or video person you can do all the excursions and trips for free and just shoot some vids. Looks pretty sweet.