Working on a Cruise Ship


Competition for cruise ship job vacancies is fierce and the reasons why are obvious. After all, not many employment opportunities come with world travel, luxurious surroundings and full room and board as standard.


If you have the sea legs a life working on-board a cruise ship can be a financially rewarding opportunity filled with new and profitable experiences. The beautiful scenery aside there are many other benefits to attract would-be employees. Wages tend to be good with few expenses; there are countless opportunities to meet new and interesting people, and an extremely wide range of positions available.


Before seriously embarking on a journey to secure employment on a cruise ship it is however important to consider the possible disadvantages, too. Life on-board a sea vessel, even one the size of a huge holiday resort or small town, can be unexpectedly isolating: if you don’t enjoy the job and wish to quit, there is no easy way to leave and head home.


It is also worth remembering that the work is very hard and demanding, with twelve hour shift patterns the norm in many cases. You must also be a steadfast people person; no matter what your position, it is your job to ensure that guests are as satisfied as possible. Coupled with this it is also likely that you will share your accommodation with other co-workers. This isn’t a career path for those who frequently need their own space.


As already touched on, when it comes to selecting a role there are many to choose from. In fact there are hundreds of different job roles to choose from on most cruise ships. Four, six or nine month contracts are typical for hospitality staff such as kitchen, restaurant and housekeeping employees. Even if you have never worked in those areas, I cannot think of a better arena to hone your craft learning in an intense environment with like-minded people, enjoying everything the job has to offer whilst also sailing around parts of the world! You could be the next Gordon Ramsay or aspiring Rocco Forte from the seas.


There is also a large and growing demand for specialist roles such as fitness instructors, qualified child care providers, hairdressers, nail technicians, sales assistants and administrators to name a small selection of roles available.


If you decide that a life at sea is for you, specialist employment agencies may be able to help you secure a position and offer expert advice on how to increase your chances of gaining the job of your dreams.

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