Working Odd Jobs Around the World

Odd jobs are great way to pick up some additional spending money and make new contacts, and can often lead to additional work gigs. There are plenty of online job resources from which you can pick up a spot of extra cash and avoid having to return home before you’re ready to.

If you’re looking for extra traveling money while you’re visiting foreign countries then make sure that you check out online resources such as Craigslist and Gumtree. These are just two websites that advertise odd jobs lasting from a day to a few weeks to even a few months. If you’ve already reached your destination then remember to check out the job vacancies in store windows and ask around. Word of mouth between travelers and locals can produce excellent results too.

Ever popular fruit harvesting jobs

fruit truck

If you’re planning to travel and want to earn extra income to fund your 2014 summer holidays, fruit harvesting is one of the most popular options. Fruit harvesting can pay by the day or week, doesn’t require experience, and employers sometimes throw in your accommodation and meals too. Lots of countries usually have some form of fruit or vegetable harvesting going on during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. Of course, the beauty of this world is that different parts have different winter and summer seasons, too, so you can follow the sun while you work your way around the world.

Short-term work gigs


Short term odd jobs can include anything from handing out promotional leaflets for restaurants, bars and clubs to helping out in bars or even freelance photography in nightclubs. The world really is your oyster if you’re looking for short-term jobs employment, and if you’re willing to try your hand at just about anything there are some unusual options out there. Helping out on farms, house sitting, painting buildings, building restoration work and even English teaching jobs will all bring in more coin. If you’re good with kids you can also apply for au pair work, which is heavily advertised online during periods such as the school summer holidays.

The winter sports season jobs

ski job

The ski season usually begins in October and lasts through to mid-May, although summer glacier skiing is also available in locations such as the French Alps. This is a great time of year to find jobs like chalet cleaning, bar work, and even ski lift operators. You also have the bonus of being able to snowboard or ski for free or at a reduced rate when you’re not working. Can’t be bad! Not only that, employers normally provided accommodation, so you can hang on to more of your money for traveling.


There’s a whole world of odd jobs and short-term work gigs out there with which to finance your travels. Keep your eyes open and you’ll soon become a seasoned job hunter, as well as adept at spotting the jobs with perks that outweigh the financial compensation. You’ll be asking “When can I start?” for as long as you love travel, which will be forever, right?


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Hi, my name is Turner. I travel the world, hustle to find interesting jobs, and write about what happens when you read too many self-help books.

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