Working Abroad and Need a Hotel for Business?

Why Book an Airport Hotel for Business?

You’ve just booked your latest business trip, or your annual holiday. The insurance and parking are bought and paid for, the passport and ECIH card dug out, and the currency is ordered. You might think that you’ve done everything possible in order to have a safe, smooth-running and enjoyable trip abroad, however, one thing that you may have missed off of your ‘to do’ list is to book a room at the airport hotel.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, booking an airport hotel for the night before you fly can be the best move you make to get your trip off to a great start. Travelodge offer cheap rooms near Heathrow and other main hotels in the UK, so there’ll always be a hotel that you can trust nearby.

But why go to the extra expense or extending your hotel by a night? Read on to find out:

Peace of Mind

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you hit busy traffic on the way to the airport. Or when an accident causes the traffic ahead of you to stall, or last minute issues mean that you’re later setting off than you’d like. Almost as bad is setting off too early and having endless time to kill (and waste!) at the airport – yawn!

When you book into an airport hotel the night before you fly you cut out the hassle, stress and worry of getting to the airport. Instead you’ll have the peace of mind that you can time your airport arrival perfectly to get your trip off to the very best start. Instead of rushing to the airport, you can make the journey in your own time, with no impending countdown towards check-in closure rushing towards you!

Comfort and Convenience

The Travelodge Heathrow Central hotel is under two miles away from the airport, so it’s a mere few minutes to where you need to be to board your flight, You can enjoy a worry-free night’s sleep in a comfortable room, safe in the knowledge that your flight is mere moments away.

Wi-Fi means that you can even check-in online, giving you more time to enjoy the hotel facilities (or a lovely, long lie in) without worrying about endless queues at the check-in desk.

A Quiet Space to Work or Play

When heading off on business, booking into a hotel the night before can give you some much needed time and space to prepare. While at home you might be doing last minute chores or staying at the office until late, having a space away from all that can allow you to properly prepare and gather your thoughts.

Likewise, if jetting off on your holidays, what could be better than extending your break with an extra night? Enjoy drinks and a meal in the hotel bar the night before your flight, and a hearty breakfast the following morning, and start your break as you mean to go on!

There are loads of reasons why booking into an airport hotel the night before your flight is a great idea. If you want to cross stress, hassle and worry off of your pre-holiday ‘to do’ list then book that airport hotel now!

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