Wine Bottling the Californian Way

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Red, red wine…rastas’ have sung songs about it. Lucy stomped it. And women love to throw it at me for some reason. Point being, wine is in vogue and is not going away anytime soon – short of a human apocalyptic future, but even then I am not so sure. It can be found on every corner of the globe, from a tiny French bistro to a van down by the river, everybody seems to have a love affair with this drink of the gods.


This sweet nectar has been helping people close business deals, woo their future ex-spouses and make questionable decisions since 6,000 B.C.E. – at least according to the Wikipedia, so maybe 30 years, who’s to say? Anyhow, yes, wine is the drink of choice in many countries, and it is just as revered in my old stomping ground – San Francisco, California – as it is anywhere else you can find fun loving folk who are into grapes and keeping it classy. With the famous Napa Valley, and the less touristy but oh so pleasant Sonoma valley, boosting over 700 wineries being a mere 45 minute drive north of the city by the bay – it is no wonder Californians get the rap of being easy going, laid back people. It’s the wine folks. So suffice to say, I have been eager to get my feet wet, well more like my mouth-bleached red, in a job with wine for quite sometime.

Wine Bottling in California – San Francisco Style

Wine Bottling in California
So since I spent the last 4 months taking the great American road trip across the USA before moving to samba party central (Brazil), I spent a day bottling wine in California working on a bottling line inspecting every bottle of my favorite deity’s – Dionysus – go to beverage. And while the kind San Francisco wine makers of Cellars 33 and Roar had the forethought to not let me touch any of the fancy machinery, they did let me divulge into the bottles we were…ah, bottling.


So I say from Brazil – Saúde!