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Thailand is all about delectable and appetizing food. No place in Thailand offers such a diverse assortment and combination of food but Bangkok. Bangkok has come across as a melting pot of cuisines and offers mouth watering provisions of food to ginormous number of tourist from across the world.

Having Thai food, you can surely give your taste buds a tour they will never forget. It offers scrumptious and sometimes downright weird food which you learn to adore after a few bites. It gets extremely difficult to put your hands on one as there is such a wide variety; you fail to choose from the tempting aroma and looks. Either you can help yourself by exploring the food extravaganza on your own or you can book Bangkok Tours to explore around the city.

To ease your dilemma we have narrowed down quite a few choices to give you an experience to remember. From street food kiosks to lavish restaurants, from oh-so-sour to the best desserts and beverages, we have it all sorted for you. Have a look!


Noodles are probably one of the most hot selling street food snacks in Bangkok. Some of the readily available ones are:

Gieow (wonton): it is not the conventional noodle you may come across all the time, but it is more like pork mince enclosed on yellow dough.

Sen Yai: these are flat noodles made of rice flour.

Bah Mii: they are available with a little yellow tinge to it made of wheat flour and egg.

Boat Noodles: as the name depicts that they were sold from the boats on the floating canals. Boat noodles constitute rice noodles and a thick broth made of pork stock and blood.


It is one of the most widely available foods available on the streets of Bangkok. The aroma it exudes can be felt even before you walk past the kiosk. It tantalizes your sense of smell long before it touches your senses of taste. It comes with boneless pork marinated in soy sauce, served on skewers along with sticky rice.


There are uncountable versions of this Thai delight that it gets difficult to finalize which one you like the most. There is a Thai salad cart at Sukhumvit Soi 38 which offers a huge variety of salads on the menu. It includes papaya, blue crab and Som tam boo maa and many more for a reasonable price.


If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Bangkok during March-July, you are bound to bump into stalls and carts which sell this mouth watering and opulent Thai dessert which is made of sticky rice, coconut milk and mangoes.  It costs around 60 baht.


Yes! You read it right- FRIED INSECTS. This may be the most unconventional food you might have tried. Eating them will be considered an accomplishment to boast about whether you end up liking them or not. Including grass hoppers, spiders and bugs they are deep fried with chilies so they can be very hot. They give a feel of popcorns in the mouth and pop as you chew like a crispy pop corn.