What to Look For in an All Inclusive Holidays to Malta

A Maltese holiday is unlike any other. We and our friends can say that a week-long or three-day trip in the Maltese archipelago is a must for everyone, travel junkie and homebody alike. Of course, travellers know why Malta is a must-visit destination. But for homebodies, did you know that your heart, mind, and body can actually find a home here as much as in your native place? The trick is to find an all-inclusive holiday deal that will immerse you to the culture, food, and breathtaking landscapes of the island.

Here’s the good news! In this article we are going to help you discover holiday packages that are worth sharing! When looking for deals, be sure to look for the following:

  1. Hotel Accommodation

Whether you like a beachfront hotel or an urban apartment, we have it all here in Malta. Here are the room rates in Malta’s top destinations:

  • Bugibba – €6
  • Mellieha – €9
  • Qawra – €6
  • Salina Bay – €8
  • Julians – €8
  • Paul’s Bay – €6

You also have the option to book a full board stay. But you would certainly explore the island and try dining at its urban restaurants, so it also makes sense to opt for a half board accommodation.

  1. Itinerary

If you are free-spirited and adventurous, you can actually come up with your own itinerary. But it would also be wise to partner with a local travel company to create an itinerary that will take you to Malta’s popular and less known attractions. Specifically, you can opt for one or more of the following itineraries:

  • Tuk-tuk Tour – Aboard a motorized rickshaw, this tour takes you to Malta’s countryside attractions to see wayside chapels, ruins of the old Roman settlement, watchtowers, and caves. These attractions can’t be reached via conventional four-wheeled vehicles. An all-inclusive whole day tuk-tuk tour costs about €90. But morning or afternoon tour options are also available.
  • Island Hopping Tour – Although Malta, Comino, and Gozo are the only inhabited islands in the Maltese archipelago, there are actually several islands to visit. You can opt for a 1-hour or 30-minute boat ride to Malta’s attractions such as the Crystal Lagoon and The Blue Lagoon. Rates starts at €25, which can increase depending on how many islets you like to visit and other add-on services you like to avail.
  • Heritage Tour – This usually offered at Malta’s capital city, Valletta. Listed as one of UNESCO’s heritage sites, Valletta has several centuries old churches, chapels, and museums. The average rate of a day tour is €15, which can increase depending on the transport option you like to avail.

  • Diving Tour – Malta and its sister islands Comino and Gozo are known for their underwater caves, marine sanctuaries, and shipwrecks. Just contact a local diving agency to plan out the sites you’d like to visit. The average rate of a diving tour for beginners is €35 with equipment and guide. Professional diving rate starts at €30 per person to €230 for a group of 10 persons.
  • Walking Tour – This tour takes you to Malta’s landmarks, churches, and countryside attractions. Walking tour rates starts at €30 featuring a 3-hour small group city tour in Valletta to as high as €100 for a 3-hour private tour featuring key monuments and sites linked to the World War II Axis bombardment.


  1. Transportation

Many holiday deals offer transport options for their guests. But if you want to rent your own to have more autonomy, you can rent a car. You can do your rental bookings online. Just be sure to bring your reservation and payment receipt, as well as your Visa or MasterCard credit card, passport, and driving licence. Car hire rate of a small economy car is €10 – €15 per day during off-peak seasons and €20 – €30 per day for peak seasons from July to October. The price of diesel is more or less €1.22 per litre, and unleaded petrol is about €1.32 per litre.


  1. Food and Drinks

Lastly, be sure to find a holiday deal that will allow you to savour traditional Maltese food. You can opt for an accommodation that serves Maltese cuisine for an addition charge. Of you can also visit local restaurants. You can grab street foods at €5, and a McDonald’s meal costs €3 – €6. At restaurants, soups cost €3, snacks at €2 – €8, pasta dishes at €6 – €8, meat dishes at €9 – €7, and chicken meals at €7 – €12. A breakfast of eggs, tomatoes, bacon and tea or coffee cost around €3. Desserts and drinks cost about €2 – €5. Biscuits, pastries, and desserts cost € 1 – €5. To make the most of your deal, find an offer that includes a wine tour so that you can visit the island’s vineyards and wine manufacturers.


Creating a DIY travel plan is fun. But if you want to ensure a hassle-free and memorable trip, avail of holiday packages. Just be sure to consider the aspects above to get a good and comprehensive deal.


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