What do you want for Christmas? A Filipino Christmas Question

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Last week I went to two different Philippine communities that are still putting back together the pieces after Typhoon Yolanda. I went with the Red Cross and while they did all of the heavy lifting, I did what I do best…proceeded to aimlessly chatter away. I wanted to discover the answer to the million dollar question every holiday season…

What do you want for Christmas?

I had barely uttered the phrase to a teacher asking her to translate for me, when fastest and most organized line I have ever seen formed with children patiently waiting in queue. Perhaps I have prematurely discovered my future parental rosetta stone for kid obedience: just asked them what kind of gifts they want. American Parenting 101 – bribery. Anyway, before I knew it, the teacher had the children come up in ones and twos and they told me what they wanted for Christmas.

Note: This was the other communities line, which was more of a mob, but also, left me with the same feelings of "what have I gotten myself into".

Note: This was the other community’s line, which was more of a mob, but also, left me with the same feelings of “what have I gotten myself into”.

Amazement was the first feeling I felt, followed closely by horror than the thought bubble: ‘oh shit’. Now all of a sudden these kids are expecting all of their Christmas miracle gift dreams to come true. This scruffy Santa impostor asked, so he must be delivering the goods. I just wanted a little bit of information, and here I was, knee deep in it with little eyes beaming up at me. Man, I will fold like a chair when I have kids someday – shit. Gig. Is. Up. I better wife out with some hardline super mom who takes my credit cards away and keeps me away from the pound or I will walk home with new Legos and rescue dogs in tow daily. What do you mean we can’t have a 10th dog? He needs a home Scrooge.

Regardless of my weak will to just say ‘no’, I  just launched the Operation Save Santa fundraiser, we don’t really have much money thus far. What if don’t have enough money to get all the kids gifts? What if they ask for like a PS4 or some crazy shit an American kid would ask for. …slippers …slippers ….fancy slippers …Barbie

Ah what do they mean by fancy slippers exactly? Are these like for dressed up occasions or something?

A smile broke on the teacher’s face.

No, they just mean sandals that are shiny. Maybe with a little heel on them. They are like $1.

Hallelujah!!!  Salvation.


Operation Save Santa is underway, but he still needs a little bit of help this year. If you want  hook up an need Filipino kid this holiday season with their extremely reasonable request for some ‘fancy slippers’, CLICK HERE to make some holiday miracles come true. Peace, Love and best of luck surviving your in-laws.

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