volunteering jobs with dogs

Volunteering Jobs with Rescue Dogs in Thailand

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Volunteering Jobs with Dogs

In case you missed the memo about the big animal cute bomb of volunteering opportunities in Thailand, then let me backtrack. If you are an animal person, or want to have a real life Jurassic Park like experience, you can volunteer with elephants at Elephant Nature Park for a week for $400. If you are starving student, or even more destitute starving blogger/traveller/dude, then you can volunteer with dogs at Elephant Nature Park  free of charge by helping out with the 400+ dogs that need some amor that also co-habitat Elephant Nature Park.


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You will mainly be working with the dogs though, so if you aren’t a dog person, and just want to see elephants, then I suggest only volunteering with the elephants. However, if you can’t resist canines and can handle hearing the thunderous roar of dog packs at all hours of the night, then Thailand may just be your Shangri-La.


Volunteering Jobs with Dogs

***note the floods in Thailand happened in 2011 – I definitely did not say 2001.

***no dogs were hurt in the filming of this clip. Only mildly emotionally scarred from being forced to hang out with me as I exploited their adorable looks for this video.

Many of the 400 dogs have been rescued throughout Thailand from horrific flooding, the illegal dog meat trade, abuse, neglect, dog fights, hit by a car, machettes wounds and other life threatening illnesses.

So in conclusion, in this short blog post and video we have learned the following:

-Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai Thailand has 400+ dogs that need help

-This cute dog is most likely female as it naturally wants to run away from Turner

-You can volunteer free of charge, and get accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day

-You must at least like dogs to have read this far into the post, so quit sitting on your couch and trying to figure out how long Kim Kardashian’s next fake marriage will last and do some good – go check out Save Elephant Foundation’s Rescue Dog Volunteer Program at Elephant Nature Park and make some new friends.

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