Volunteering in the Philippines: WTF to go and make a difference

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Welcome to the jungle…the urban jungle of Manila that is.  Manila, for those of you not hip with capitals, geography, things not lathered in butter or featured on reality shows for my American friends – Manila is the capital of the Philippines. I have never been to the Philippines before, but after visiting 90 something countries, I had to stop the itch and finally visit the Philippines before I kick down 30s door (shh don’t tell) and embrace my golden years.



Why visit Manila and the Philippines?

side note - this is def. not Manila

side note – this is def. not Manila


Well – truth be told I don’t know much about the Philippines, just the occasional rumor around the watering hole from other travel bloggers/writers/hungover guy in the coffee room that catch my attention.  From the amazing beaches to the abundance of English spoken by locals to stories of just how incredibly nice the people are, I decided to make the Philippines my next destination in my around the world in 80 jobs odyssey.

Making new friends in Manila

Making new friends in Manila


Why Volunteering in the Philippines

Yeah - I kindddda dig these guys.

Yeah – I kindddda dig these guys.

Anyone who reads my site on the regular (thanks mom) knows that I have a big soft spot for animals. From volunteering with rescued elephants in Thailand to tackling one of Southeast Asia’s most controversial tourist attractions by volunteering  with tigers at Tiger Temple, I decided maybe it was time for my to see if giving my own species a little bit of TLC would be a nice change of pace. I still have yet to find that occupation that makes my heart sing, my feet tap and my ADD turn to off just yet, so volunteering to help out some homo sapiens maybe just what the doctor ordered.

As you all know from the non-stop media coverage, Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan hit the Philippines in early November, killing almost 6,000 on record as of now, and leaving lives utterly destroyed. From lost family members, to obliterated homes, to businesses that now no longer exist and stimulate the local economy, if there were ever a time for me to help out my fellow man, now would be it.



So for the next two months (or more) I will make my way through the Philippines, in search of how I can make the most impact and make this world a little better for someone else. There also maybe some beaches involved. And beer. And bad decisions. To be continued.