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Now is your chance to reverse the destructive cycle of human activities on Earth and help shape a better tomorrow. In Costa Rica, you can do just that by volunteering your time on one of the many meaningful jobs offered by Global Crossroad.

Volunteer jobs are with children, turtle conservation efforts or alongside the coffee farmers of Costa Rica.

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Why not set yourself up for an amazing adventure before you ever leave home. Take the time to reserve your Stansted Parking spot, and save money at the airport on those atrocious airport taxi fees before heading off on your dream travel volunteer job.

Once you get there, explore the tropical land of Costa Rica with Global Crossroad to volunteer your time and experience the benefits of the Turtle Conservation Project. Many of the sea turtles that nest on the beach never return home, because of natural predators and human poachers. These same turtles are finding it more difficult to thrive on eroding beaches ridden with pollution. If these devastating changes are not stopped, the Lora Turtle will disappear in just two short decades! Now you can help by traveling to locations to the North Pacific of Costa Rica or along the Caribbean Coast. In this unique opportunity, you will stay with a local host family and eat Costa Rican meals three times a day. During your stay, you help preserve important turtle nesting sites and protect the baby turtles from poachers and predators. You will also get the chance to enrich your adventure with many fun activities such as bird watching, exotic rafting, and ecological hikes. The options are endless in the picturesque tropical paradise of Costa Rica.


There are many volunteer jobs options to choose from such as assisting needy children, teaching conservation techniques and exploring the amazing wonders of Costa Rica in the process. The Organic and Sustainable Farming Project located in San Miguel de Sarapiqui in Atenas is a fantastic opportunity to help the locals return to sustainable farming methods. The hills of Atenas have been blessed with fertile soil and in the past, the farmers saw rich harvests for many years. When they stopped the use of organic seeds, damage to the soil changed the land. Now these farmers need help in their efforts to return to sustainable and organic farming techniques to fetch a better price. You won’t want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to assist the coffee farmers and spend your days picking coffee! There are also many options in Costa Rica to teach English to all ages. From pre-school to high school, you will get to experience daily life, while assisting the main teacher. The Volunteer Orphan Project is also in need of caring and nurturing individuals who can put on a smile and create a warm atmosphere for children truly in need. Many of these children have suffered through poverty, abuse or alcoholism, and you can help make a difference.

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With Global Crossroad you will also have the option to take the Mini-Venture, a two week journey complete with side adventures that are sure to keep you entertained! You will immerse yourself in the unique Costa Rican culture and be closely involved in the local social or conservation projects. In your free time, you will have the opportunity to experience the tropical country with lush green forests. A three day journey is included in this particular program that will place you in the thick of it all. Don’t miss this great opportunity to make a difference in a land of sparkling beaches, untouched forests and friendly people. When you have done your part in protecting the land and assisting the local Costa Rican peoples, let the journey come to an end the best way possible. Just relax for the smooth ride home when you book Stansted Airport Parking in advance.


It’s your time to help benefit the land and local peoples with a visit to Costa Rica.