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Visiting Thailand: Travel Photo of the Week

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Visiting Thailand. A must for any serious traveler.

If you want to visit one of the best countries on Earth, no need to look further than Southeast Asia’s gem: Thailand. Obviously Thailand has is hardly a hidden gem, as it one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia, but there is so much to see and do here it is hard to know where to begin. From the Jungles in the north to the beautiful, green islands with turquoise waters filled with fish and bountiful sea life. Knowing where to begin can be a challenge. Everybody has a different idea of what is best to do on vacation. It is volunteering with elephants in a wild life sanctuary? Or is it taking in the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok? Or perhaps you want to get some fun in the sun and island hop? Or maybe even go on a Kung Fu Retreat in Pai? No matter what is your preference, Thailand has your back.

visiting thailand

So instead of selling you on the best thing to go and see whilst visiting Thailand. All I am going to do is show you some stunning photos and let you be the judge. So, without further ado, here are my top photos from Thailand thus far. If you are an animal lover, you are in luck, as Thailand has some of the best wildlife, from elephants to monkeys to whales sharks right off of its Thailand’s islands. So don’t be stranger, come to Thailand already.


Elephant in the wild

The best time to visit Thailand is November through March. April this place is hotter than the sun and May through August you can expect some serious rain. Like I am talking Seattle times one million here. So if that is your thing, bring a surf board and a snorkel, because it is going to be a wet one.