Traveller’s guide to a big night out in Frankfurt / Germany

Having read the title, you might ask yourself these questions: Why not a big night out in Germanys top cities like Berlin or Hamburg? Why Frankfurt? A city most travellers only know from their stop-overs while changing flights? Read on and find out …

Frankfurt – far more than banks and big business

Frankfurt by the river Main is Germany’s banking capitol and Europe’s major financial centre. It is here, where you’ll find an impressive sky line of massive sky scrapers housing most of the world’s biggest financial players. The Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the world – both for passenger and cargo traffic. But “Mainhattan”, as it is often called by the locals, is also one of the coolest cities in Germany to enjoy an amazing night out. Frankfurt is – together with Berlin – birthplace of Germanys Techno-Movement back in the early 90s making its club scene one of Germanys finest. You’ll find fantastic bars, mind blowing restaurants, luxurious hotels and a vast cultural richness.

Now let’s imagine that you’ve hit the jackpot and found an incredibly well-paid job in one of these flashy sky-scrapers. All that easy earned money allows you to experience Mainhattan in the most luxurious way possible. Here’s your big night out in Frankfurt!

Step one: find the most lavish hotel suite in Frankfurt!

Bing a meeting point for global big players from the world of finance, Frankfurt is home to some of the most exquisite hotels you can imagine. Beside all the major 5*-hotel chains like Steigenberger, Sheraton and Co., you’ll also find smaller and more individual luxury hotels. One prime example is the “Villa Kennedy”. This very posh hotel is one of the most exclusive in the city. And since money is not a subject, make sure to book the Presidential Suite! This luxury apartment occupies the entire top floor of the hotel. You’ll enter a gigantic sitting room with an open fire place and a grand piano. Then there’s the dining room, bed room, private spa and dressing room. All in all, plenty of space to hang out. Once you have made yourself at home, it’s time to take the next steps …

Step two: arrange a romantic gourmet dinner in Frankfurt

If you are a single guy who would like to go on a casual date without any strings attached, there is a very easy and stylish way to do so. Just ask your private hotel butler to contact Frankfurt’s leading VIP Escort agency. These stunningly beautiful ladies are happy to be you girlfriend with benefits for this amazing night. Once that is done, let your PA book a table in one of the three 2-star restaurants in Frankfurt. Both the “la Fleur” and the “Villa Rothschild” in the Kempinski Hotel will spoil you with culinary delights and beautiful settings. But if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, try to get a table in the legendary “Tiger Gourmetrestaurant”. Situated in the Varieté Thearter “Tiger Palast”, this gourmet temple will enchant you with a unique atmosphere and – of course – an exquisite tasting menu. Seven courses including a desert will cost around 160 Euro. If you really want to impress your date, order a nice bottle of red wine like the 1997 Chateau Lafite Rothschild for 2.100 Euro.

Step three: hit Frankfurt’s nightlife like a star!

To get things started, check out some of the stylish Cocktail- and Gin bars in the city centre. It is here where the young jet-set of the city warm up before dancing the night away. One of the best bars in Germany is the “Kinly” in the city centre. To get in, you will need to find a very inconspicuous door which only opens, if you ring the door-bell. Once inside you’ll be greeted by a laid-back speakeasy atmosphere, a very cool and hip clientele and some of the best cocktails you’ll drink in your life! If you’re up for a second round of exquisite long drinks, but feel like changing the scene, visit “The Parlour”. This very snug and chilled out place was rewarded with the Mixology Award 2017 for Germany’s best bar menu of the year. Once you’re ready to hit the dance floor in one of the world finest clubs, “The Gibson” is the place you’re looking for! This state of the art life music club has been stage for some of the word best musicians but it also known for its amazing parties. If you want to dive into the pulsating techno-scene of Frankfurt, the “Tanzhaus West” is the place to go.

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