Traveler’s Tips on How to Keep Your Camera Safe No Matter What

A traveler is always at some level of risk as everyone is more vulnerable when at a new unfamiliar place. Thieves, in particular, strive on that and will be happy to pickpocket you and take away expensive gadgets. Cameras are particularly in danger as they don’t have such effective protections as smartphones or laptops but their cost is quite high. If you want to prevent such an occurrence from ruining your trip, you have to take certain steps that will keep your camera safe everywhere.

How to Keep Your Camera Safe While Traveling the World

1. Keep your camera in a padded case

While traveling with your camera you need to protect it not only from thieves but also from physical damage during transportation. Using a padded case is the barest minimum of the things you can do to keep the device from breaking because of an accidental fall.

Look for specialized bags used by professional photographers as you need to get the highest quality padding you can. You can also use foam to give extra padding to the bag you have in order to save money. Check out this discussion between photographers on Flickr to get some ideas what foam to use in a DIY camera travel bag.

2. Upgrade your camera straps to leather

Sturdy high-quality straps will prevent accidental drops as well as make it nearly impossible for a stray street thief to rip the device off you while you are walking down the street. The most reliable option would be leather camera straps. This material is not only sturdy it’s also very durable.

This means that high-quality leather pieces can serve you longer than the actual camera. Therefore, this is an investment into your future.

3. Always keep your camera in the hand luggage

You cannot rely on airport workers to handle your luggage with extra care simply out of consideration that it might hold an expensive camera. Therefore, keeping valuable gadgets in hand luggage is the only way to travel.

If you are a professional photographer or an avid enthusiast and carry an expensive sophisticated camera with a set of additional equipment, your bag might be too heavy. However, the check-in person might be lenient if you show your equipment and prove there’s nothing else dangerous in the bag. Professionals might get an exemption from the rules by contacting the airline and arranging it in advance.

4. Hide your camera branding

While it’s natural for humans to want to show off, to keep your camera safe when traveling you need to make it less attractive a target. One of the ways to do this is to cover or remove any branding on the piece.

If you plan to sell the equipment in the future, simply cover the brand name with a piece of duct tape. Removing it permanently or adding any unnecessary scratches to the piece will greatly reduce its resale value.

5. Use a film camera (if you can)

While digital cameras are more convenient, if you are really into photography and your camera and lenses are truly expensive, try using a film camera when you can. Your average thief won’t know the difference in the quality of the pictures or technique of the equipment use. However, they do see a film camera as a less valuable target by default.

6. Clean your camera often

Remember, to keep your camera safe while traveling you need to protect it from the environment as well. If you take it out to have a shoot in the wild or on a sandy beach, you’ll have to clean it right away to remove debris, dust, and sand. These things can damage your equipment and you’ll have to pay for repairs from your own pocket as careless handling isn’t covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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