Travel to Asia as a Digital Nomad Using These Strategies

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Why is it that 50% of freelancers wouldn’t give up their lifestyle for any amount of money? Since one of the biggest perks of working as a digital nomad is the ability to travel almost anywhere at any time, this statistic comes as no surprise. One popular destination among those who work where they travel is the many countries in Asia. From the culture, to the food, to the beautiful views, it is no surprise that so many freelancers and entrepreneurs choose to stay in this part of the world for an extended period of time. If your life plans could take you to Asia in the near future, explore four strategies for planning a successful stay.

Get your financials in order

Whether you are planning to travel to Singapore or China, it is crucial to have all aspects of your financials in order. Between saving for your excursion to learning the local currency (there are literally dozens in use across Asia), make a checklist of what you will need to settle in advance. Speak with your bank and credit card companies to discuss what fees (if any) you can expect to pay when making purchases in the specific countries in which you plan to travel. Also, let these same companies know about your travel plans to ensure no interruption in pay or spending ability.

Find an affordable and comfortable place to stay

Since the countries that comprise Asia vary greatly in culture, climate, and cost of living, it’s important to spend a considerable amount of time researching places to stay for the long-term. Rather than relying solely on your own findings, connect with other digital nomads to learn more about the best places to stay. Also, take your individual preferences into account. Countries in Asia offer weather ranging from desert conditions in places like Mongolia, to tropical conditions in Thailand. They also offer busy city environments (such as what is found in Tokyo and Shanghai), as well as incredibly remote areas (which are too numerous to mention). After conducting your research and creating your list, you can make the most informed decision.

Ensure that you will have reliable Wi-Fi

A strong Wi-Fi connection is essential for all digital nomads. However, some more remote places in Asia may not have a consistent or free Wi-Fi option. When planning an extended travel excursion, it is crucial to know how you’ll connect to the Internet. Prior to booking the place you plan to stay, speak with individuals who manage the property to ensure that there will be reliable Wi-Fi for the duration. Ask about any fees involved, and be sure to have a local establishment that can serve as your Wi-Fi backup plan. Thankfully, from Asia’s largest cities to local coffee shops in Vietnam and Cambodia, Wi-Fi has become quite ubiquitous.

Create your weekly schedule prior to your arrival

When visiting a new area, it can be easy to get wrapped up in sightseeing and exploring the local scene. To help stay on a regular work schedule, plan your weekly schedule before boarding the plane. In addition to your standard routine (e.g. work, exercise), build in enough free time to check out the area in which you’ll be staying. It is also worthwhile to build in a “vacation” within your trip. Take time off from work at some point to be able to relax and unwind. From the Great Wall to Mount Fuji, there is plenty to see in any Asian country you choose to visit.

Planning an extended trip to Asia can be seamless when you know what to do beforehand. Live your digital nomad lifestyle to the fullest by getting your financials in order, finding a suitable place to stay, ensuring a reliable Wi-Fi connection, and planning your weekly schedule.