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Travel Photo of the Week in Thailand: Meeting Disney’s UP

I have felt a bit sad as of late, for I realized that I missed sharing my Perros of the Week showcasing the best of Mexican street dogs while I lived in Mexico for 4 months. And now that I am living in Thailand, I thought maybe I should bring those lovable critters back. However, most of the dogs I see in the streets here are quite scary looking and have more of that quick-go-get-me-a-rabbies-shot-and-my-shot-gun-honey look than that of Mexico’s adorable I-want-to-take-you-home-and-cuddle-your-cute-smooshed-up-face look. So as a compromise I will just produce a weekly post showing the best picture or pictures I have taken that week in Thailand – until I get clever enough to think of an appropriate theme for all the photos I take in Thailand – angry lady-boys chasing me down the street in high heels for taking their picture and sad, sickly Elephants lugging fat tourists around photos I don’t think would quite resonant the same as adorable Mexican Perros of the Week. So if you have any ideas, feel free to shoot me an email, comment, courier pigeon, text, sext, virtual tickle or any other way you feel would convey your thoughts on the subject at hand. Until then, here are this week’s best photos taken in the land of smiles (although, ironically, this kid missed the memo on the smiling part).

The Movie Version

Disneys Up

He looks a bit more joyous in the movie poster. Image Credit


The Real Life Version

Disneys Up

Downtown Bangkok, I meet the star of Disney’s UP


I know. I was pretty amazed that I got to meet the real life kid that Disneys Up was based on. Maybe if you took that adventure holiday you have been dreaming of already and get to Thailand, you maybe could meet the real life versions of some naughty Disney princess.

Do you have an idea for my weekly photo theme? Have you seen a famous character in real life or do you have some beautiful photos of Thailand to share?

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