rickshaw bangkok

Transportation in Thailand

Turner Thailand

One of my favorite things about living abroad is taking advantage of all of the wonderful different modes of transportation to get around. In America, you basically have to own a car, take a grey hound bus filled with recently released prison inmates, take a public bus full of undocumented workers, take a plane where you are forced to pay your weight in baggage fees and must endure the obese sweaty guy next to you as you pray he doesn’t go into cardiac arrest, or if you live in a city like San Francisco and you take rapid transit, BART, which has seats that havent been cleaned since the Reagan administration and smell of cat vomit and homeless people.

As far as transportation in Thailand goes, there is a wealth of options when it comes to getting around. While some here might bling out and choose to ride in a Mercedes sport, other more flexible options include, and are not limited to, the following:


TukTuk – the classic and iconic Tuk Tuk. Reality TV shows are even dedicated to them because they are fun (once).

this guy knows what is he is doing

this guy knows what is he is doing

tuktuks in thailand



Mobile Food Carts – After you have dined at one of the many noodle stands, you can sometimes score a free ride home with your local noodle guy

thai food cart

save time, dine and ride


Bicycle Food cart – while not as fast as the motorized food cart, it offers a leisure long forgotten in the West

bike cart

relax and let this man sweep your across the streets of Thailand



Bike RickShaw – the classic, you can’t go to Asia without having a very tired looking old person cart you around all day on one of these.

rickshaw bangkok

a twist on the classic pull rickshaw


Mopeds – families all over Thailand will squeeze up to a family of four on one of these bad boys as they zip through traffic during rush hour. Hope on board.

moped family

I have seen up to a family of four on here.



funny bumper sticker

bonus points for finding one with a bumper sticker like this


dog on motor cycle

even dogs love the moped


 Futuristic Moped

funny moped

stylish moped of the future


 Trains – No better way to see the country side on the cheap and have your personal space violated at the same time. Win Win.

thai train

great way to meet locals



thai trains


quail eggs

boom, classy quail eggs


BTS Skytrain (metro) – Get super social on the public skytrain. While its air conditioning is similar to that of a fish freezer, you can share your love of Samsung and Apple with your neighbor in silent speech.

skytrain bts

Meeting new people. Tweet the guy four seats down.


Ferry Boats – Not just for pictureques Seattle based movies, ferries in Thailand offer variety and a change from the heat of city as you roam the brown canals of Bangkok




And what NOT to take:

elephants with tourists

poor elephants

Elephants –This is a bad way to see Thailand as that poor elephant has to carry your fat body with a heavy chain on it.


So conclusion, instead of riding a poor elephant, you can take a ride with this fat creature and you will be contributing to joy to the world.

tuk tuk

riding tuktuk good, riding poor elephant bad

As the saying goes “save an elephant, ride a Turner”.

Or something like that.