Top Travel Jobs and Businesses for Foreigners in Thailand

Grabbing a travel related job in another country is a dream come true for any travel enthusiast. Imagine spending your time exploring your favorite beautiful destination that you cannot get enough of, and making money out of studying it. This is probably the best deal for any travel freak. When it comes to looking for travel jobs, picking the right country is often tricky because even if you manage to find a job, being able to generate enough income in comparison to the cost of living is a significant concern. Travel jobs are great, but you would not want yourself to starve.

One of the best countries to go for travel jobs in Thailand. Thailand is one of the most happening tourist destinations in the world at the moment. This is probably because the countries lower cost of living attracts not only luxury travelers but also some budget travelers. Other than that Thailand is nature’s most mesmerizing and gorgeous gems on earth, Beautiful diving reefs, emerald waters, soft coral and white beaches, dense forests, diverse wildlife, vibrant culture, exciting attractions, and shopping options and delicious food, Thailand offers everything in a go. This means that there are a lot of employment opportunities in the country’s tourism industry. The best part is that given the tropical climate, the state receives tourists all year round, so you need not worry about any low seasons. Here are some of the jobs that you can find in Thailand’s tourism industry.


Tour Company

If you have a bit of entrepreneurial streak and do not want to stress out yourself finding a job, then start a tour company. The best part about tour companies is that it requires minimal investment and is a very lucrative venture. Thailand has hundreds and thousands of attractions, nature parks, and adventure sports options and tourists continue to look for reasonable and best possible tour packages. You can sell tailor-made Krabi tours, Phuket tours, Pattaya tours and Koh Samui tours at competitive rates to tourists.


Scuba Diver/ Diving Instructor

Thailand is a diver’s paradise, and most people who come to Thailand’s beach destinations do want to experience scuba diving even if they are not experienced divers to experience the beautiful Thai reefs. If you are licensed sea diver, you can become a diving instructor and can make money out of your passion. Join a scuba diving venture as a diving instructor and trainer and take tourists for a dive in the deep every day. The best part is that you will be earning out of it.


Grab Driver

If you do not have any unique skill such as a tandem instructor or a diving instructor, the least you can do is drive a car. Thailand’s uber-style ride-sharing service, Grab is a significant mode of transport for most tourists. You can get a car at economical rates and use your international driving license to work as a driver for Grab. It is not going to be a regular taxi but instead, you will be providing a transport service to tourists in your car and will make money out of it.

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