Top Things to Do in Belgium

Sandwiched between France, Germany and Netherlands, Belgium exists as one of the most intriguing yet the most under rated destination. Belgium is a home to authentic European landscapes and a blend of French and Flemish culture. Belgium has a lot to offer for anyone who loves to embark on cultural expeditions. It is much more than a getaway contrary to the popular opinion. Perhaps the glamorous tourist destinations that border Belgium steal away the limelight and keep visitors from exploring the undiscovered gems of Belgium. Unlike many key European tourist destinations, Belgium is relatively much easier on pocket. Here are some reasons why you will not regret taking a trip to Belgium.


Picturesque Towns

If you are a fan of walking through the beautiful small towns and townships like the ones you see in movies, you will fall in love with Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. Walk through the dreamy alleys of traditional European towns by the lakes and lagoons that will transport you back to the Roman Empire days. It will let you experience the marvelous European architecture as you sip your coffee in one of the beautiful eateries or a roadside café in Antwerp. Walk or cycle along the beautiful canals and lakes while you breath the fresh European air in the student town of Ghent and make sure to buy some exciting souvenirs as you scan through the exciting shopping arcades of Brussels and Antwerp that are a blend of modern and traditional shopping experience.


Cultural Diversity

If exploring new cultures excites you, Belgium is your place to be. It is one of the most interesting blend of diverse culture at one place that is so visibly distinct yet it coexists so beautifully. Head to the North for some Flemish flavors while you can enjoy the French cuisine and culture in the south. If you are looking for more diversity, head to Brussels and enjoy a mix of all European cultures that is brought to the capital by the immigrants coming in from other European countries.


Waffles and Frites

It is always justified to savor on some junk food while you walk and shop and explore a new destination. It only makes your trip more exciting and fun. While Belgium has various culinary options to tantalize your taste buds, if you are in Belgium you can’t skip indulging in the Belgian comfort delights – The rich Belgian waffles and the scrumptious Frites. Belgian waffles are famous all over the world for their unmatched texture and taste and who else can bring you better Belgian waffles other than the undisputed king of waffles themselves. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside just perfect enough to melt in your mouth, you will find the most delicious waffles on earth in Belgium.

Once you are in Belgium its perfectly alright to ditch your fitness plans for a few days because those scrumptious frites are nowhere close to the fries that you find anywhere else in the world. Treat yourself with doubled fried and at times tripled fried crispy frites dipped in ketchup or mayonnaise or both.


Spa Grand Prix

If you feel you need something more to excite you in Belgium, head to the east to the beautiful town of Spa to experience the Spa Grand Prix. Spa is a town dominated by beautiful lush green signature European meadows and farmland. Pack yourself a picnic basket and some snacks as you enjoy the racers speeding across the beautiful Belgian tracks sprawling all around the hilly terrain.

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