Top 7 Beer Loving Cities in Europe

Beer is a drink that has been enjoyed since the dawn of civilization. The oldest beer sample can be traced back to a 5000 year old ceramic container with remains of it. In ancient times, beer was considered a safer alternative to water. That’s pretty amazing, right? Egyptians loved it so much that workers sometimes accepted payments in beer.

True to its history, beer is still an emotion that puts a man into an ecstatic state. It makes us feel safe, somehow, from all the worldly troubles and dangers. Beer is a drink that warms and cools the drinker as it goes down the throat. It isn’t just a beverage, it’s a doorway to good times and unbreakable friendships.

Humans and their undying love for this magical liquid is so profound that there has even been a war in 1380 between the church and the city council of Vretslav over it. In recent times, the saying, “crack open a cold one with the boys” has become a new age slogan for friendships.

Given the love for it, we have come up with a list of the top 7 beer-loving cities in Europe. Book last minute flights to these cities and enjoy beer like never before.


Picturesque Prague is no less than Paris in terms of beauty. With cobblestone streets and Romanesque courtyards and bridges, Prague is the Aphrodite of cities. Its beauty is only bested by its beer; and oh, what beer. With the likes of Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen, this city offers you the kind of beer you never forget. A pint at the supermarket costs just over a dollar. The best place to drink beer is Letná Beer Garden.


This list would not have been complete without Berlin; a city that truly represents beer in its best form. Berlin’s affinity towards beer can even be found through the pages of history. With a past full of tragedies and turmoil, when Berlin stood separated, one of the things that united the people from each side was their love for beer. When you are in the city, you must try the Rothaus Pils and Erdinger Weissbier. The best place to enjoy your beer is Prate- Prenzlauer Berg, an authentic German Beer Garden.


A former communist city, Bratislava is a refined mix of natural and man-made beauty. While exploring the city, a very visible contrast between its communist history and democratic present greets you. Similarly, its beer is also a mix of Slovak and Czech. The microbreweries in town have made craft beer easily available as well as cheap. A pint bought from the supermarket may cost only about 50 cents. Topvar Marina and Saris Tmave Pivo are two of the best beers in this city. Home to some truly spectacular pubs, I found Dunajský Pivovar on the bank of Danube River the best place to enjoy a beer.


Another city located on the bank of Danube, Budapest is lesser known as a beer-loving city. This European city is very famous for its music scene and we all know how well beer goes with live music. If you buy a pint of local beer from the supermarket, it would cost you close to 40 cents. 40 cents! I found Dreher and Aszok to be the best beers in Budapest. The Kuplung bar is my favorite place to have a beer in Budapest as you can enjoy the Hungarian brewed beer along with some soulful live music.


Warsaw has a survival story that rips your heart apart at first and then fills you up with hope. From facing almost total annihilation to becoming one of the most architecturally sound cities, Warsaw has seen a lot. And today, it brims with vibrant vibes and celebrates its existence. And, what could be better than having beer to revel in the happy feels. Oh, the beer in Warsaw is amazing. A pint of local beer costs less than a dollar when buying from the supermarket. Kufle i Kapsle is the best pub in Warsaw with an astonishing variety of craft beer. Zywiec Porter and Okocim Full Pale are two of the best local beers in Warsaw.


A forerunner of Cultural Revolution, Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The city has seen the rise and fall of kingdoms. Drinking beer in this artsy city is a pleasure in itself but drinking it along the banks of Dnieper River makes it all the more exciting. A pint of local beer costs about 70 cents in the supermarket and can be enjoyed with similarly priced fast food. I would recommend drinking beer at Pink Freud. The bar is as quirky as its name and you are going to have a great time for sure.


This Catalonian city loves its beer as much as it loves Messi. This city has two of the most delish beers in the list — Obligatory Double IPA and Eixample Pils. You can get a pint of local beer from the supermarket for less than a dollar. The best beer bar in the city is Cara B. It hosts live performances throughout the week and is a favorite amongst the younger population of Barcelona. Book a few cheap airline tickets to Kyiv and savor the local Collider Affectionate Krampus and Pravda Lvivska Osin ― the best beers in town.

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  • patrick
    Posted at 11:22h, 05 September

    I think, for me, Prague has to be the beer capital of Europe. Glad to see it made it on the list!

  • Hoi An
    Posted at 17:10h, 20 September

    I’m planning a honeymoon in Europe and this list is exactly what I’m looking for. Also, your pics are so wonderful. Thank you so much for your gorgeous post! Keep going!