Top 6 Destinations For A Perfect Summer Vacation in 2018

Are you planning for a great summer holiday at one of the prime tourist spots across the globe? There are so many places like the sparkling Turkey coastline and the Zebra Safari outlets in Botswana which are tempting for summer vacationers. Summer is a popular vacation time in all parts of the world especially in England where 1 in 2 Brits plans to go abroad for holidays as per a recent survey by Oliver’s Travels. After some research, I have compiled a list of the coolest places that you may want to consider for a memorable holiday.

Turkey’s Mesmerizing Coastline

If you’re a fan of the glittering aquatic landscape with a stunning view of the coastal areas, you might want to head over to Turkey. The magnificent “turquoise” coastline is a place meant for tourists seeking some terrific scenic beauty and a great ambiance. The place features many fishing villages and spellbinding resorts with a plethora of amenities for the visitors. A popular accommodation spot includes two new Lighthouse Loft seafront villas on the Kas peninsula. Most travel agents are also offering guided tours and special offers on bookings, so plan a trip to this awesome place and avail special benefits to make it worthwhile.


You might not have heard about this place but believe me, it’s one of the top attractions for a summer holiday boasting grand attractions, a hub for recreational activities, and delicious delicacies. Located in the heart of Africa, the place is slightly bigger than Wales but has now transformed into a noteworthy English speaking nation offering exciting opportunities for visitors from across the globe. The famous mountain gorillas and trekking spots are a must-see while its Kayaking tours and cycling contests are enough to turn your trip into a thrilling adventure. It also has some great resorts including the Nyungwe House which is a great place to spend time with your family.

Andaman Islands

The Island of Majorca and Andaman Islands are popular summer destination this year. The striking turquoise coastal region, the dense rainforest which is a natural habitat of wildlife and the coral terrain offer a memorable vacation experience which you will certainly enjoy. Apart from the scenic beauty and brilliant aesthetics of the islands, this place located in the Bay of Bengal also features a thriving capital, Port Blair having a rich cultural heritage. Booking a flight to the islands is easier, especially with thousands of tourists flocking over to the place to enjoy the much-needed beach break.

Kauai, Hawaii

The Kauai in Hawaii has been ranked as one of the top tourist spots by many websites including Google, thanks to its beautiful landscape and glorious beach terrain. The place offers a plethora of recreational activities like guided tours across the beach, an insight into the aquatic life with snorkeling sessions, fun play for kids, resorts featuring top amenities for visitors, and a host of luscious delicacies to try and savor. This place is definitely recommended if you’re planning a trip with your family.

Meno a Kwena, Botswana

Botswana essentially means “Teeth of the Crocodile” and the place ranks as one of the most popular destinations in Africa for visitors who want to catch sight of the African culture and luxurious life. When you’re here, do not forget to visit the Meno a Kwena – a stunning, offbeat safari camp, great for kids, featuring zebras and elephants. If you’ve booked a room in one of the spacious resorts near the safari camp, you can enjoy watching these animals stroll over to the Boteti River for a drink. Only a two-hour drive from Maun airport, the place is filled with great aesthetics, palm trees, wildlife, and other awesome tourist attractions.


Most tourists would want to visit this region in Africa because it features brilliant locales, waterfalls, rainforests, and a thriving culture. Visit this place to get a feel for the African lifestyle, the people, and the community at large. While you’re here, don’t forget to check the Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins amongst other popular sites that add to the glory of the place. Other famous attractions include Mana Pools National Park, a well-known Unesco World Heritage Site, the spell-binding rocky formations of Matopos featuring the grave of Cecil Rhodes, Lake Kariba which is touted as the world’s largest man-made lake, Nyanga National Park in the east, and the wow-worthy Gonarezhou National Park. Zimbabwe is also an ideal place owing to the adventurous safari rides and luxury resorts like Singita Pamushana.


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