Top 5 Romantic Break Destinations

With Valentines Day just gone it is time for a little romantic inspiration so that next year is twice as good as this year. Why not plan something different and unique for your loved one this year? There are plenty of romantic ideas, all you need to do is decide which location would suit you best.


Imagine wandering around the ancient streets of Rome. Soaking up its hidden treasures that appear around every corner.  Rome is full of history, so there is plenty of opportunity to walk hand-in-hand with your loved one whilst taking in all the stunning architecture.  The Lovers Fountain is the perfect place to throw a coin or two in and make a wish.  And, if legends are anything to go by, couples who sip the water will be eternally faithful.  Alternatively you can sip a gelato or cappuccino, a much more pleasurable experience.


Known globally as ‘The city of love’ Paris is designed for romantic strolls along the River Seine, picturesque photo opportunities under the Arc de Triomphe and midnight kisses from atop the Eiffel Tower.  If music is the food of love then Paris is most certainly the place.

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The city of love

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Erm, Crete? That’s right, just because it is typically a beach holiday destination does not mean it shouldn’t be considered when looking at a romantic holiday. Greece has great wine, lovely views, first class resorts – everything you could really want. And Crete holidays are just one of the many you have to choose from if you do not want to visit the mainland.


If you would prefer to discover a city, and its romantic offerings, along the water then Venice is the place for you.  With stunning architecture as its backdrop the streets and canals of Venice are best explored aboard a gondola.  It is no wonder that some of the most famous paintings have been created in Venice.  It really is a romantic masterpiece.


If you would prefer to not head too far afield then Bath is for you.  Its Georgian architecture can quickly transport you to a more romantic period.  With fantastic restaurants, quaint jewellery shops and of course, the famous Bath Spa, there is lots of romance to behold.

New York

If you have ever seen ‘When Harry met Sally’ you will know that New York has its own special romantic charm.  From sharing ice cream sundaes to horse drawn carriage rides through Central Park, New York has a unique style. Breakfast doesn’t have to be at Tiffany’s but it is certainly worth a stop.

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