Tips for Staying Fit While Travelling

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Vacations start and it is the time to plan that perfect holiday trip. We all just want this time to be spent making unforgettable memories. But that’s not all that follow us on our vacations. Is it? Well, we worry about our jobs, our budget and of course our fitness. We certainly can’t do anything about your boss but I can help you a little with your budget and your fitness regime. While travelling on a budget I often compare flight tickets because lets be real, that is an expensive first step. I usually get my tickets from Dream World Travel UK as I think they’re tickets are pretty reasonable but it is different for each person. So lookout for yourself. And talking about fitness is a vast topic of discussion.

Why fitness and travelling isn’t impossible for you:
When it comes to fitness, mental and emotional well-being is as significant as physical well-being. In any case, as to keep great emotional health you should be physically healthy and solid. Presently, a few people think it is practically impossible to remain fit and sound while travelling. But in my opinion, it isn’t. Truly it might be somewhat hard to oppose every one of the treats and slick nourishment that new places bring to the table yet it absolutely isn’t outlandish.

Back in 2018, when I decided to start eating healthy and hit the gym regularly it was hard for me to spare a little time for gym and not eat the absolutely mouth-watering sweets and desserts. But I was motivated enough to do my exercise daily and avoid all unhealthy eateries. So slowly it all started getting easier and when I can why can’t you?

A big NO to the gym:

I understand that while travelling, going to the gym isn’t just hard but it is definitely something you would prefer not to do. Nobody wants to run on a treadmill when there is so much left to explore. So in order to save you from that treadmill, I am here writing this article.
Tips for staying Fit While Travelling:

Chill out, Don’t Stress:
The first and foremost thing is to relax. Remember stress is not healthy and can make you gain all the weight that you’ve been trying to loose for years. Being on a diet and on a vacation at the same time does not mean you have to avoid each and every nourishment that the place has to offer. You just need to control your diet a little and try to burn it.

Start your day with a healthy Breakfast:
As we know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is necessary to have a nice rich breakfast. This isn’t just a tip for travelling but also for daily routine life. But while travelling people usually stay up late and then next morning wake up almost in the afternoon. This makes their first supper to preferably be lunch over breakfast. So remember to wake up early and have good breakfast and then start your day.

Prefer walking more:
While being on the road, we prefer to take cab to even the shortest of distance. The way I see it, it is better to walk than to sit in a car, doing nothing. Or to take the stairs than to hop on an elevator. We all understand that these are the best ways to maintain our fitness routine but sometimes fail to do so. Believe me all the walking and the stairs guide you towards success.

Water is your Best friend:

Make water your best friend. Always keep yourself hydrated. It is necessary to consume a good amount of water throughout the day in order to stay active. Water not only keeps you active but it also controls you appetite. It makes you want to eat less. Sometimes people also make the mistake of confusing dehydration with hunger so try not to make that mistake.

Avoid eating two unhealthy meals in a row:

A common blunder that people usually make is eating two bad meals at once. If you had an unhealthy meal at lunch then try eating light for dinner. If you eat too much unhealthy food at once it can destroy your diet regime.

Consume less Alcohol:

Being on a vacation certainly comes with partying with or without a reason. But we all know that alcohol is an unhealthy and effects your metabolism. It can make losing weight even harder. So remember, the less you drink the better it is.

Make time for a little workout:

Yes, vacations aren’t for you to hit the gym or sit in the hotel room doing your routine exercises. But it would be great if you could just spare 10-15 minutes twice a week and do some squats, planks and lunges. Or simply just get out and go on a jog.