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These days, everyone wants to become a travel blogger – not just because one can travel the world, but because there are great opportunities to earn some good cash doing it. And we have to admit – this is not just job goals, this is LIFE goals. Imagine jet setting all over the globe, experiencing extraordinary things and meeting incredible people – and getting paid to do it! Yeah… now you know why people are very keen to get their hands on the ‘how to’ manual.

Luckily for you, you don’t need to look very far because we have written an entire post about travel blogging and how you can become a travel blogger. We have dug deep; finding all the possible research we can on the subject; to offer you only the best tips and advice to help you on your journey!

Getting Started 

  1. Decide on how you’ll make your content different/unique

To be a successful travel blogger you need to find a way to stand out from the millions of other travel blogs out there. If your content is too generic and can be found on many other sites you’re going to have a hard time with attracting a strong following that returns to your blog. That’s why you need to find your niche and determine how you’re going to offer something unique to your target audience. Perhaps you want to target travelers that frequently visit Africa, or are interested in visiting Africa – and your blog offers them everything they need to know about each destination, with tips, advice and perhaps some African travel hacks.

  1. Are you going to offer a product or service, or solve a problem?

You will need to pick at least one of these options. Why? Well, if you’re wanting to make money you’re going to have to tick one of these boxes; not to mention that people won’t take a keen interest in your blog if you are not helping them in some way. A product could include travel essentials such as a travel pillows, luggage bags etc. A service could cover direct booking with advertised hotels, and a problem-solver could be as easy as offering content that helps, advises and informs 

  1. Start a blog and create social media pages

When all the technical things have been established; the fun part comes next. Even though this is the part where you can get creative and design your site, your logo and determine your style; you need to be aware that this is another extremely important element. You need to think long and hard about your domain name as well as the usability/user experience of the site as well as the aesthetic appeal. This is not a point to be rushed! It will also work in your favour if you start social media pages for your blog as it will generate more traffic to your site, through people who stumble upon the pages – and it will also allow you to enter into the blogging community a lot easier.

  1. Invest in a good camera

Having great photos is one of the main contributing factors to a successful blog. If you take a close look at any of the well-known blogs/bloggers, they all have one thing in common – they have epic photos! Great pics also help drastically when it comes to generating a strong following on your social media pages. People love following travel pages that offer extraordinary perspectives of the world which are best depicted through quality photography. So you may want to work on your photography skills and your Lightroom/photoshop techniques!

  1. Read, research and experience

Experiencing things for yourself first is a no brainer if you’re wanting to start a blog that informs others. This is the part that calls for you to travel, read books, read other blogs and research many different mediums in order to offer your audience only the best, most credible information. This is the part where you book a plane ticket and visit extraordinary destinations where there’s plenty to learn, see and experience. And remember – people love to follow travel blogs that give them advice on places that are off the beaten track, so for example you may want to book an African safari!

  1. Post regularly

Even though you’ll be globetrotting your way through life, you mustn’t forget to regularly post new content to your blog. At least every 3 days you should post something fresh and interesting in order to keep the attention of your audience – and to fill up your blog with as much informative information as possible. Starting a blog – and especially one that you hope to make you money, is a huge commitment, and you will need to schedule a time during your busy travels to give attention to it.

Make Money:

  1. Accept guest posts
  2. Make third-party advertising possible on your blog
  3. Partner with travel brands
  4. Sell a product
  5. Offer a service


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