Things You Should Know Before Applying for a Work Permit for Singapore

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Singapore is one of the dream destinations to immigrate to for most people. It is a small country with a promising economic outlook, bright career opportunities and ultra modern life style. It has a phenomenal balance of natural beauty and modern infrastructure that leaves every visitor in awe of the place.

The multi-cultural demographic structure and the openness to new culture make it very accommodating for expats to settle there. That being said, with all its glory life in Singapore is very expensive. The cost of living is high and most of the spending areas are heavily taxed. Even the property rentals are very high, which can create affordability issues. Unlike other immigrant friendly countries that offer more social security benefits along with nationality and citizenships, The only .

Getting a work permit is not impossible, but very difficult due to the dynamics of the job market in Singapore. Before you go ahead with applying for your work permit, here are a few things you need to be aware of.

Your Eligibility to Work in Singapore

The toughest part of the process to settle in Singapore is to qualify to work in Singapore. This means that bot everyone is eligible to work there and there is a set of criteria and requirements that you need to meet in order to be able to work in Singapore. The country is a home to highly qualified workforce with phenomenal experience and exceptional credentials, and while they are welcoming towards foreigners and new immigrants, they expect them to meet the same standards. Check that you meet the required qualification and experience criteria according to the type of work permit that you intend to apply for.

The Dynamics of Job Market

Singapore has a well-defined economic structure dominated by the tertiary sector. This is where most of the job opportunities are found. Employees associated with technology or specialized skills stand a good chance of find8ng work in Singapore. On the other hand there might be certain sectors for which Singapore might not have much to offer.

It is therefore recommended to check the list of skills and jobs in demand and analyze your worth in the Singapore job market. If you are intending to work in one of the specialized skill sectors such as doctors, engineers and lawyers, be aware that you will have to make a separate application to the government and will have to undergo a separate process to get a license to practice in Singapore.

Type of Work Permit

The last thing that you need to determine before applying your work permit is to determine the category in which you are willing and are eligible to apply. There are various different categories under which you can apply for a work permit.

  • Employment pass: Senior level foreign professionals who meet the qualification and experience requirements and are earning more than SGD 3300 are eligible to apply for the Employment Pass.
  • Entrepass: If you have a business plan and investment and that you would like to launch in Singapore, you will be eligible for Entrepass.
  • Personalized Employment Pass: If you are a senior level foreign professional or are holding the Employment Pass with a high pay scale, you can apply for Personalized Employment Pass. This particular pass will let you seek a job in almost every sector without restricting you to a single sector.
  • S Pass: This permit is for skilled workers who are working at mid level positions and are making a minimum SGD 2200 per month.

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