The top 10 hottest places on Earth

If you are like me you love some good random dad facts.

“Oh wow! The Earth it how old you say? 14.5 billion years? Dad, you are so brilliant”

– said no daughter ever.

However, despite no daughter fully outwardly acknowledge just how clever her old man is, doesn’t make your facts less interesting. So today I bring you the hottest places on Earth. Interestingly, I have only been to two of this locales – Phoenix and good old Vegas. And to be fair, Vegas didn’t really seem all that hot. Probably because I was inside gambling the whole time (see: losing money) or deep in daiquiris by the pool. So in summation, 2 down, 8 to go. So without further adieu, here are the hottest places on Earth, most of which do no serve margaritas poolside.
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The Top 10 Hottest Places on Earth


Infographic by LED Hut

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