The Call of Wandering Feet: Keeping Up With Travel Plans in Between Gigs

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One of the best things about doing remote work is the fact that you can earn and travel at the same time. The freedom to live out travel goals explains why 50% of remote workers report being happier and more productive according to a study by Owl Labs. The thing is, the gig industry has a common concern: longevity of work. So you can be enjoying a particularly lucrative project at the moment but it’s good to wonder what happens once it’s done. When you’re looking to land a new gig, how can you keep up your travel lifestyle?

Tap Into Your Travel Fund

When you’ve got a hankering for travel, it’s smart to have a budget that’s specifically set aside for it. That way, even when you don’t have any incoming money, you can still go out and live out your travel plans. Just make sure that everything is secure when you travel. One potential foil in your plans is the threat of identity theft. Not only will it mess up your paperwork but it can seriously impact your finances. Take time to make sure that your travel fund and other pools of funds are well protected by keeping regular contact with your bank and keeping an eagle eye on your financial statements.

Keep Travel Local

When you’re between gigs, it’s smart to keep travel local in the meantime. Never underestimate what you can see and experience right where you are and it may not even cost you a cent. For example, going on a walking tour of the city that you’re in can help you discover new places and experience the local culture. All that you’ll need for that is a map, a good pair of walking shoes, and a bright sense of adventure.

Get Group Discounts

Who says that you need to travel alone? One of the best things about a travel lifestyle is that you can bring your friends and family along with you. Another good reason to do that (besides their stellar company) is the fact that you’ll be able to tap into group discounts that are offered by resorts, hotels, and even transportation companies. So not only will you get to enjoy travel but you’ll be able to land good deals as you do so.

Cash In Your Miles

Moving from one place to another for work and leisure often necessitates the use of a credit card. Not only will it help keep your credit rating alive and well but it offers you a chance to stock in rewards like free travel miles. While in between gigs, it would be best to avoid spending in whatever areas you can use an alternative on like airplane tickets. If you’ve got some sitting in your account, cash them in indulge in the next item in your travel bucket list.

A travel lifestyle doesn’t need to be lavish in order to be meaningful or fulfilling. Making smart decisions early on can help you answer the need to travel even when you’re waiting to land your next gig. Just make sure that you pace your travel reasonably and temper those goals with a healthy dose of feasibility.