The Best Places to Visit by Car in Majorca

Majorca is a beautiful Balearic Island off the coast of Spain.  Steeped in history and possessing a vibrant active island culture, Majorca is blessed with spectacular scenery, beaches, vibrant markets, and views.   It is also very easy to get around by car, so renting a car in Majorca is advised for any trip.

Now the scene is set for a fantastic trip, now is the time to book your flights and embrace the Balearic Island taking in views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Places to Visit in Majorca

Majorca has plenty of places to visit and thanks to its good road structure, you can reach attractions all over the island fairly simply.  There are plenty of companies providing rental car services, but most use thanks to their solid reputation.

Here are a few ideas for your itinerary.

Serra de Tramuntana

Spanning Majorca’s west coast the Serra de Tramuntana  (or Tramuntana Mountain Range) is a UNESCO world heritage site and evidence shows that the island was settled by Arabic settlers that put in sophisticated agricultural waterway systems.

Around the 13th century, Christian settlers conquered the island and introduced terrace farming built on the Arabic foundations.  This literally transformed the mountain range allowing olive trees, almond trees, oranges, tomatoes, and vines to grow.

As you take the Ma-10 through the mountains you will discover hidden villages, spectacular views, and some great places to eat and explore.  You will see plenty of terraces, water mills and dry-stone buildings with each mile you drive.

The roads in Majorca are long, winding, smooth, and some would say endless.  Cyclists love Majorca and pro peloton teams can often be seen training on these roads depending on the time of year you go.

The towns and villages have vibrant markets and many are small detours off the Ma-10.  This makes them accessible and provides a place to stop, explore, eat, and take in the beauty.  There are plenty of historical wonders to see allowing you to submerge in Majorca’s rich past.

Puig Major for the Spectacular View

While in the Serra de Tramuntana why not drive to the top of Puig Major, the highest reachable point in Majorca.  The simplest way is to follow the Ma-10 to the Monnaber Tunnel.  Stop in the car park and take in the view.  At 854m above sea level, you will look out across orange tree orchards that stretch into the valleys, the sea, and the mountains.  You have to experience it.

On the way back why not detour to the village of Fornalutx – “The prettiest village in Spain”.  Simply detour off the Ma-10 joining the Ma-2121.  The village is located at the top of the Soller valley.  The village has some excellent cafes and places to eat, and it is not hard to see where the prettiest village in Spain reputation comes from.

Cap Formentor Lighthouse

Take the Ma-2200 from northern Majorca and you will pick up the Formentor road.  The drive to the island’s most northern point is said to have its scary moments as it dips and climbs the Majorcan landscape.  On the plus side, the views are fantastic and many travellers enjoy the drive more than once.

The Cap Formentor lighthouse is situated at Majorca’s most northerly point and locals say this is the meeting point of the wind.  There is a small cafe here too, and places to park.  This allows you to savour the view of Majorca’s northern peninsula and watch one of the best sunsets you can see.

Palma de Majorca

Palma de Majorca is the capital city of Majorca and as one would expect the city is packed with places to explore, history, culture, and things to see and do.

If you want to get a flavour of Majorca’s past then a visit to Palma Cathedral should be on your list.  Construction began in the 13th century on the orders of  James I King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona.  The mosque that stood on the site was desecrated as per the King’s orders.

The building that you will see was actually completed in the 20th century with bits being added all the time.  The origins of what is here now can be traced back to James II, successor to James I.

It is a Levantine Gothic-style cathedral and has one of the biggest largest rose windows in the world, known as “the Gothic eye.”

The cathedral is a must-see for a historical and cultural enrichment.

It is easy to spend more than a day in Palma de Majorca and quite frankly you should.


The town of Sóller sits in the ‘Valley of Gold’ and connects to the Serra de Tramuntana.  You can either negotiate the hairpins to the coastal town or take the tunnel which carries a toll.  There is plenty to experience in the town from a beautiful beach to shops, museums, and stunning architecture.

Rent a Car Majorca

Majorca is a place you return to time and again.  Its historical, cultural, and vibrant island life has to be savoured over several trips.  The best way to do this is to rent a car and let the island be your oyster.

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