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I don’t know why the state of Michoacan in Mexico isn’t more popular – well yeah, I guess I do know. American’s get 5 vacation days a year and want to spend them blitzed on a beach, while the Euros are busy dancing to terrible electronic music mixed by some greasy hipster wearing skinny jeans in Ibiza, but regardless – the Michoacan is way underrated. And by underrated, I mean it isn’t rated at all. The Michoacan state really has it all,

Ancient P'urhépechan getting high ceremony

from untapped colonials cities to ancient P’urhépechan
Ruins (kind of like the Aztecas) resting on hilltops revealing panoramic views of lakes. Most of the Monarch Butterflies migrate to the reserves throughout the state because it is obviously the perfect place to make love for days on end. And when the hunger sets in from that marathon, Michocan’s city of Uruapan happens to be the capital of California’s most ubiquitous beloved vegetable – the Avocado. Lastly, and most notably, the Michoacan is missing the tourist attraction I hate the most: other white tourists. I spent over 10 days in the state and didn’t see a single other white person, which for me, is like a warm bubble bath while listening to Kenny G- because traveling these days requires wading through a swath of tourist-villes. But there is plenty of love to go around in the state of Michoacan – not only from the butterfly mating but all of these happenings are spread across mountains, beaches, lakes, and most importantly, areas that harvest Mezcal (Tequila’s less popular, but every bit as pants-off, dance-off dangerous brother).

Mezcal - Good decision making 101

The three main cities comprising the Michoacan state are the capital – Morelia (a rosy, colonial jewel with endless appeal and food vendors), Patzcuaro (quaint, matching buildings, and a beautiful lake which has an equally appealing town on an island), and Uruapan (avocado capital of the world with flowing cascades and raging waterfalls). If that doesn’t wet your appetite and tickle your inner urges to cancel your next trip to Cabo San Lucas then there is no hope for you. Go into your closest, grab the brightest floral shirt you have, pop open a Budwieser and listen to the smooth melodies of your favorite Italian family on Jersey Shore.