The 7 most beautiful islands to visit by boat in France

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit, but people normally tend to visit the main cities by car or plane. But did you know that traveling by boat allows you to see some amazing islands in France? In fact, these islands of France have some of the most amazing views you can see anywhere in this world when traveling by boat. They are charming, quaint and a perfect place to experience French leisure.

Here are the 7 most beautiful islands to visit by boat in France.

1. Martinique

Located right in the heart of Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is situated beautifully between the Atlantic Ocean on its east and the Caribbean Sea on its west. This Caribbean island is often called the best Caribbean vacation destination–one that can be enjoyed all year round. It also has a rich cultural heritage and unique cuisine that will help you enjoy the island even when you’re off your boat.

Because it’s in the Caribbean, you can enjoy the flavor of a European town without having to be in the European mainland. It has a great mixture of Creole traditions that are strong in French vibes, and this is especially true when it comes to the cuisine.

2. Guadeloupe

Staying in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is actually composed of two main islands: Basse-Terre in the west and Grande-Terre in the east. While they’re separated by only a narrow strait, they are connected by bridges, and for this reason they are often referred to as just one island. One of the best things about Guadeloupe is that the islands are pretty much free from the heavy tourism that affects most beautiful islands around the world. Mix that with the fact that the islands comprise a pretty large territory, that means you’ll have plenty to see and experience there.

3. Île-de-Bréhat

Much closer to the mainland of France, in the English Channel (La Manche) off the Côtes-d’Armor coast of Brittany lies Île-de-Bréhat, a beautiful little island that’s only 3 square km. It has a population of only 400 and is famous for its Mediterranean vegetation and pink granite rocks. It is also known as the Island of Flowers, as it contains fig trees, mimosa, palm trees, eucalyptus and many other types of plant species. The beaches are fantastic and will look exquisite from your boat.

4. Corsica

In the Mediterranean Sea between France and Italy lies Corsica, an 8,680 square km island that is absolutely beautiful and a must-see on any trip by boat. The island has a rich history and amazing charm, with beautiful coastal cities, peaks jutting into the water, rolling beaches and diverse geography. When you’re not traveling the island by boat, you can simply relax on the beach and enjoy all the amazing food and culture that this island has to offer.

5. Île de Ré

Off the west coast of France near La Rochelle is Île de Ré, a beautiful island that’s just 30 km long and 5 km wide. This little island is a popular vacation spot for well-heeled Parisians each summer, and for good reason. There are beautiful dunes and pine forests combined in a quaint and tranquil, easy environment. It also has long stretches of golden beaches and wonderfully rural cycle paths that makes for a beautiful view on the island and boating around the island.

6. Porquerolles

Favored by Charlie Chaplin and Edith Wharton, Porquerolles is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands you can visit by boat in France. This is probably helped by the fact that the island is a protected nature reserve that has been closed to the public for a long time. Only a very few property owners live there, so it’s quite empty when the last ferries leave–but that’s great news if you’re traveling by boat. You can enjoy the rare silence that settles on the island in the evenings and enjoy peaceful nights there under the stars.

7. Belle- Île en mer

This charming little Mediterranean island has a mild climate that can often make you forget that you’re in the Atlantic. The island sports lovely sand dunes, fields of wheat and steep cliffs, as well as wonderfully charming fishing ports with boats dotting the horizon.


It has been praised and revered by such artists as Charles Baudelaire and Claude Monet, especially the impressive rock formations. It is truly a sight to witness, especially when visiting France by boat.

The most beautiful islands to visit by boat in France

There truly is no shortage of beautiful islands to visit by boat in France. While this list may contain the most beautiful of the beautiful, there are still many others to explore when you have the chance.


So sit back, relax, and take in the sight of these beautiful islands from the comfort of your own boat.


Bryson Telling

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