The 10 most secluded places on the planet

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Here is the list of 10 most secluded places where you can rest and relax. Even though some of the places are very close to big cities, they provide comfort for everyone.

Central Park, New York

Of course, the park is not deserted, but it is surprisingly quiet and peaceful. Here, you will hear birds singing rather than the sound of brakes, the sound of wind and the rustle of leaves instead of the clatter of moving subway cars. In a city full of people, this makes it possible to change the situation and enjoy the sounds of nature.

City of Asolo, Italy

An hour’s drive from Venice (another quiet place, which can also be included in this list) is located Asolo – a beautiful city in the hills, rich in medieval buildings, and cobblestone streets. Once in the afternoon, when you do not want to do anything, you can relax from the bustle, sitting with a cup of aromatic coffee or another drink in an outdoor cafe. In this city, which used to be the home of the famous English poet Robert Browning and his wife-poet Elizabeth, there is complete silence. The only alarm clock that can wake you up here is the singing of birds. Regularly hiking to farms and vineyards located on the hills, climbing to the top of an ancient castle or strolling along the foot of the slopes along ancient climbing stony paths – you will only be accompanied by the buzzing of insects and the beating of your own heart.

The troll ladder, Norway

Roads are usually a noisy place. The yelp of the wheels and the roar of automobile engines do not fit into the sound spectrum at all. However, the troll ladder differs from other places precisely in that – it can inspire the creation of a musical masterpiece.

The well-known Norwegian composer Edward Grieg wrote his most popular song In the Hall of the Mountain King, imitating the sounds arising on this road. A sharp turn takes place so close near a high waterfall that it would be good to check the operation of the brakes and wipers on the windshield before starting the engine. In these places, it is not always possible to see the horizon, as it is obscured by the Norwegian mountains. Thanks to this, you can find such landscapes that could be used in the movie The Lord of the Rings.

Yap Island

The first time, you probably will laugh every time, uttering aloud the name of the island Yap, which means barking. This picturesque corner in the Pacific Ocean, to the left of Guam, will be a real paradise for you. Yap is a tropical island with dense vegetation, an endless coastline, mangrove swamps where giant fruit bats play, and mantles noiselessly swim under the water, the wingspan of which reaches three and a half meters.

All the social development of the island is aimed at achieving complete harmony between people and nature. According to local residents, it is very important not to disturb the peace that reigns on the island. Even if you just eat in a car with loud music and cannot make it quieter, you risk finding your car with a broken windshield the next morning. What sound on the island is the loudest? The sound of waves breaking about the reefs at a distance of two kilometers from the shore.

Hoh River Valley, Washington

Deep in the rainforests of the Olympic National Park is the largest piece of territory belonging to the United States, where there are no motor roads at all. The Hoh Valley is the site of the One square inch project, whose goal is to protect at least a few square centimeters of virgin nature from the noise associated with people’s activities.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Many people in the Grand Canyon visit some of the adjacent canyons isolated from the great Colorado River to enjoy the silence because the results of the measurements showed that there is complete silence here, which is broken only by the breath of the people who come here.

Since no one can tolerate such silence for a long time, the guide soon returns with the group directly to the Canyon itself. According to the director of the Institute studying the Grand Canyon, the characteristic deathly silence that reigns in the group during a walk is disturbed by the sudden roar of the Colorado River. You can learn more about Grand Canyon in this comparative analysis essay.

Anza-Borrego, Desert State Park, California

The territory of the park is so large that it makes up about half of the entire park area of the State of California. Anza-Borrego is only a four-hour drive from the city with 20 million people and yet, there is no other place where you will be as alone as here. In this park, you can really enjoy the silence. Anza-Borrego is a desert where there are oases with a lot of palms, and the loudest sound you can heat is from Borrego sheep that are threatened with extinction.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend is located in the southwest of Texas and differs from other parks with a wide variety of landscapes. There is an opportunity to admire the mountains, deserts, the river, cacti, and watch different birds and bats. Walking, you’ll notice that every few minutes the sounds of nature that you enjoy change dramatically. All this makes the park a sort of collector of a wide variety of sounds. But there is a sound that you will never hear here – it’s the sound of an airplane. The fact is that almost no airline passes over the territory of this park, which makes this place one of the most unusual and noiseless in the world.

Kalahari Desert

With the help of simple mathematics, one can draw the following conclusion: the further the place is from people, the quieter it will be. The Kalahari Desert, which is mainly in Botswana, but also affects five other African countries, is apparently the most desolate place on the planet. At a distance of almost six hundred thousand square kilometers, there are only low shrubs and acacia trees, which only giraffes feed on. However, no one has noticed that these animals create noise.

Victoria Falls, Zambia

The roar of the waterfall – the water falls from a height of more than 100 meters – can be heard at a distance of one and a half kilometers. Why then is this place included in the list of the quietest places on the planet? Because the sound of the waterfall is still the most natural sound in the world. Moreover, if you come close to a waterfall, you simply will not hear anything else. The ancient tribes of Kololo called this waterfall smoke that thunders. However, it should be called silence that thunders – the meaning of this oxymoron is clear to everyone who was enveloped in the fog of a majestic waterfall.