Get Paid to Teach English at a Palace in Bangkok Thailand

abac english teacher

Ever want to teach English in Thailand? How about working at a university that looks like a Palace? How about one that has fountains, Olympic size swimming pools, sport courts, lush gardens, wall-to-wall marble corridors? You can even wear that tweed professor jacket with glasses that you always dreamed about. And all you need is a university degree and be a native English speaker. Sound too good to be true? No sir.

Checkout ABAC University in Thailand.

So in summary, you get:

-To work in a big beautiful air conditioned Palace
-Students that look at you in admiration (not chairs being thrown at you, ie inner city American schools)
-Attractive students walking about that make you feel like a dirty old man
-25,000-35,000 baht ($850-$1,000) for 15 hours of work a week
-Free accommodation
-Paid holidays including the 2-month summer break (clutch)

You can find gigs that pay more in Thailand but you will be working more hours and they will probably require a TEFL (English training course). So a great opportunity to see if you like teaching English before you shell out your time and money on a TEFL course. Also, at only 15 hours a week, you can still have time to get your side hustle on and create an online business, travel blog, or can get some side cash by grading thesis papers. Or you can do the irresponsible thing and drink and party yourself into a coma or the unemployment line.

Oh yeah and I believe I did mention it is in Thailand, so you get the delicious food thing, cheaper than dirt cost of living thing, sexy eyes from Thai women (and lady boys if you fancy) thing, and perpetually sweating through your clothes thing. A lot of things included.

So grab that beautiful butterfly baby and get an awesome experience living abroad in the Land of Smiles – Thailand.

teaching english in thailand

Turner barr

Hi, my name is Turner. I travel the world, hustle to find interesting jobs, and write about what happens when you read too many self-help books.

  • Alexa Hart
    Posted at 09:53h, 04 April

    This is sweet!!! How did you find the opportunity? And, how long is your contract?

    • Alexa Hart
      Posted at 09:55h, 04 April

      Ohhhh, it’s Assumption. You working with Mike Welch?

    • Turner
      Posted at 21:30h, 04 April

      I havent signed up just yet. I was posting it for if others wanted it. I first am working with elephants, then tigers hopefully.

  • Londoner Kate
    Posted at 10:52h, 04 April

    Im not really into the whole teaching gig but this makes me think otherwise!

    • Turner
      Posted at 21:31h, 04 April

      Yeah I am not either, but I will try anything once.

  • Adam
    Posted at 13:34h, 04 April

    Hey Turner,
    Another great find in the land of smiles 🙂 I thought you needed a TEFL and a degree to teach. Suppose there are exceptions to the rule all over Thailand. Did you teach there for long?


    • Turner
      Posted at 00:57h, 11 April

      I havent taught there yet. I am considering it. I believe in trying things out first before you throw down a big investment in it…ie tefl.

  • Turner
    Posted at 21:32h, 04 April

    Hey Adam. It depends where you teach. At this school you dont, which is why I pointed it out as a good opp for someone who just wants to get their feet wet. I havent started yet.

  • Larissa
    Posted at 22:11h, 04 April

    If they pay for my flight over there and don’t mind my fear of commiting to a place for more than a few months, I’m down. We can have like water cooler talks and stuff.

    • Turner
      Posted at 22:17h, 04 April

      these guys dont pay. But many do. This is more of if you want to get your feet wet. But…it could be awesome. Water cooler talks with mugs to our faces are always great.

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 09:08h, 10 April

    I lived in Thailand for 3 years, as a military spouse. I taught English at a local kindergarden and a degree was not required. There were dozens of like jobs available. Likewise, I was in Japan for 3 years and at the time taught conversational English to college students, homemakers and businessmen. Again, I did not have a degree. The pay was excellent and the great experiences were far greater than that. You can live fabulously in other countries. Go for it. By the way, I am Scottish by birth and American by citizenship. Never be afraid to explore new and different opportunities.

    • Turner
      Posted at 00:36h, 11 April


  • Les
    Posted at 17:24h, 19 April

    Clicked the link you posted, but can’t see any reference to jobs….it’s just the uni website. Have you got a specific link or contact?

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