Travel Blogging Conference in Girona

Travel Blogging: Viable career or self-congratulatory flautence?

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I have not been shy about my skepticism of travel blogging for millions. For some it is considered the Holy Grail. A Dream Travel Job. To get paid to travel the world. ¬†And while the phenomena of travel blogging continues to evolve from a platoon of dirty backpackers in Birkenstocks to every shade of traveler aficionado you can think of …

The Last Straw: My Networking Conference in Helsinki

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What is it like being a Copy Editor: ¬†Networking to get more Copy Editing clients Day one at the conference brought buyers remorse in anticipation of another four-day snooze fest conference filled with academic small talk. Day two brought mild optimism back, despite fact that the participants didn’t seem to care for my value proposition – in business speak (vis-a-vie …