Student wedding: how not to save money and fun to celebrate

Students’ wedding is a kind of celebration that differs from other traditional wedding ceremonies completely. The main reason is a lack of financial independence. And we are going to tell you how to celebrate this event without getting into debt.

The students’ wedding automatically becomes a fun and noisy celebration! Friends from the university can help the newlyweds in this. The older people that are tying the knot – the fewer friends attend the ceremony. Although during the years of study it seems to all of us that the circle of friends will remain almost unchanged for many years. In other words, to organize a student wedding is much easier than an “adult” one. Since many classmates and comrades will gladly take on any responsibilities.

If you and your future wife do not belong to the golden youth, do not have a permanent job or you can’t declare your financial freedom, then it would be necessary to resort to the help of parents.

Of course, the wedding of children is always the most important and exciting event in the parents’ life. Since after this important step, children will no longer be under their guidance and become adults. Therefore, be sure to include them in the guest list, whatever relationship between you is at the moment. Do not refuse any help, as adults have more experience and connections, which may help you to organize a wedding ceremony and reception.

The expenses of the wedding should be approached wisely. On the one hand, a wedding happens only once in your life, and therefore you need to do everything “as it should be”, without sparing means. But on the other hand, the more expensive the wedding, the shorter the marriage. This is not a pattern, but only a proverb, cited on service where specialists write my essay free , but to think about the subsequent family life.

There is a list of things on which students can save money, without a harm to the whole atmosphere.

1. Wedding party
The newlyweds themselves can organize the wedding with the invaluable help of others. There is always a couple of creative people who love to be in the center of attention and be the soul of the company. Such people can play the leading role! There may be several of them that will refresh the holiday and make it unlike the traditional one: instead of one presenter, well-known contests and chain of toasts, your friends will create an excellent duet/trio/quartet and start enjoying the celebration themselves. They will not feel lonely, watching how all the other guests eat and drink.

  1. Decorations

It is not a secret for anyone that the process of decorating the wedding is several times higher than the cost of materials and the work itself. A little patience and information found on the Internet would give you the instructions on how to make an excellent decoration for a hall out of a simple piece of cloth… How to make unusual shapes, flowers, drawings that will decorate a ransom door, a car and others.


  1. Wedding venue

If you don’t think about renting a restaurant to celebrate the wedding for any reason (lack of money, unwillingness to be “like everyone else”, etc.), there are several other options.

In the summer a great way to gather a lot of friends, relax and have fun will be an outdoor wedding. This may be a picnic in the meadow outside the city near a large pond (all the necessary products and equipment can be immediately put in the trunk of the cars). Games such as mafia, poker, and other intellectual fun can be offered as an entertainment. Sport-lovers will appreciate the appearance of the volleyball (football, basketball, etc.), badminton or frisbee.

If you have a cottage or a country house, then the question of accommodating friends and having a great time is solved! Comfortably celebrating a holiday in the country, at the barbecue with steaming kebabs, red wine, and songs to the guitar – this is one of the ways to please all guests, and most importantly – yourself.

4. Wedding photo session

Now it has become very fashionable to be able to take pictures competently. Therefore, many students already have semi-professional cameras and experience in both technology and photo processing programs.

The ideal option for a student wedding will be a photographer from your friends’ circle. Of course, you will need to specify the amount you pay him. Not a single student has yet refused the opportunity to earn extra money, and even automatically having been at the wedding of their comrades! And since they do not have the professional education of the photographer, then they will take small money. But remember: any work must be paid


  1. Wedding suits

The trepidation which all people relate to the bride and groom’s robes is sometimes inappropriate. It is not worth buying an expensive suit for hundreds of dollars so that it will hang on the shelf and dress only for special occasions! It should be more practical to approach such things: buy a suit of the average cost of a classic black color, and it will serve you faithfully. Another option is to rent a suit. The same applies to the wedding dress. As a rule, dry cleaning is already included in the rental price, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

If you’ve already decided to buy a wedding dress, then remember one important rule: you should buy such a dress that you would be able to wear after the event.

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