Souvenirs to Cherish

Wherever you go as a tourist, one thing is certain – there’s always going to be something to buy. Souvenirs are a great way to remember your travels well after they end and you don’t have to settle for terrible plastic knickknacks either. Save money and memories by getting souvenirs that matter.

Shop like a local

Some of us can get too caught up in the glitz and glam of shopping in a foreign place, forgetting to take a minute to relax and experience a place like a local. But why have to forego one for the other? Get your shopping fix without feeling too much like a stereotypical tourist by visiting small, artsy shops featuring handmade items made by local artists. When I’m in a foreign country, one of my favourite things to do is go to grocery stores. I much prefer them to department stores, because there’s a greater variety and far more items to try that I can’t get back home. Trying new flavors of crisps, chocolate, and candies is a delight and bringing some home will make you an instant hit with friends and family. Buy a cookie tin with local flare or a fabric grocery bag for a more long-term keepsake. School notebooks, journals, and greeting cards featuring unique designs and the native language of the country you’re visiting is also a cheap alternative to expensive, mass-produced items sold in tourist kiosks.

Scrapbooking isn’t just for grand mums

One of my most treasured items is a scrapbook I put together after travelling around the US for three months. Scrapbooks make the best souvenirs, because they’re personal, simple, and inexpensive. All you need to start a scrapbook is to go do something fun. Like music? Go to a concert! Make sure to save the ticket stub. Same goes for museums, cinemas, and other tourist attractions. I love flipping through the pages and reliving my experiences through these items. Make the scrapbook your own by including stickers and postcards bought during your travels, maps featuring your favourite places, and menus from delicious restaurants you tried. Pictures of you in front of monuments or on nights out with friends add a priceless personal touch. One of the best ways to personalize a scrapbook is with the addition of collectible stamps purchased in the local post office or with local lottery tickets. Just make sure you’re not carrying a million-dollar winner around with you before you glue it into the pages! Outside of scrapbooking, stamps and lottery tickets make great gifts for your friends back home. Although now you can play Powerball and many other lotteries legally online, some people do collect paper lottery tickets.

Capture the moment and move along

In an era of the selfie stick, it seems like everybody is a professional photographer. Instead of spending lots of money paying for posters and prints sold near tourist-saturated landmarks, print out and frame your own photos when you get back home. Use frames bought during your holidays for an extra special touch. You can print out your photographs in many different sizes once you get back from your trip – some stores even have canvas printing available so you can make your photos look like professional masterpieces. If you don’t trust in your photography ability, framing postcards is a cheaper alternative to buying expensive posters and art. Photos are simple souvenirs which saves time and money. So instead of spending hours at the tourist shops, you’re out and about having fun. Remember, you can always shop for souvenirs after your trip too. With stores like Etsy and other handmade good shops online, your most cherished souvenir could be a click away.

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