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Top 3 things to do in Seoul – once you have your visa that is!

South Korea is an addictive blend of ancient and modern and of serenity and excitement. It is the perfect place to experience adventure, both big and small and you will never regret placing this fascinating destination on your travel bucket list.

Before you head to the captivating capital of Seoul, you will need to check whether or not you will need a visa. At you will find all the information you need and once you have your papers in order you are good to go.

Just make sure to not miss out on these 3 things when you visit Seoul.

Don’t forget to apply for your visa

Not every traveller will need a visa when visiting South Korea. In fact, there are a number of countries from which citizens can visit South Korea without a visa for stays of up to 90 days. Those that do though will need to apply for a South Korea online visa. The South Korea online visa is an electronic travel authorization that will allow eligible citizens to travel to South Korea.

The online visa application process is efficient and easy to complete. All you have to do is fill out an online form, which includes answering a few questions and adding some personal information. Once the form is completed, sent and then hopefully approved, you will receive the documentation directly to your email.

The South Korea online visa application process will be available starting later this year and once this new program has been launched, travelling to South Korea will be easy.

To not miss out on any important travel information make sure to visit official sources online.

3 things to do in Seoul

1. Hop on a Tour – most cities have different tours providing travellers with unique experiences based no whatever they happen to be interested in. Food, culture, music, architecture or even shopping. Of course there is also the alternative to choose one of the more comprehensive city tours that will give you an overview of the most important sites in the city.

2. Visit the ghosts of the past – along the same line as the tours mentioned above but slightly different is the possibility to visit the ghosts of Seoul. Join a guide for an evening of mystical proportions as you will be treated to tales of the dead.

3. Explore the surroundings – just because you have opted to visit a vibrant city like Seoul, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the opportunity to explore the immediate surroundings as well. You will find stunning nature and there is even one of UNESCO’s heritage sites in the mix.

Endless possibilities

South Korea and the capital of Seoul is a once in a lifetime experience and you will not be disappointed. Make sure to check if you need to apply for a South Korea online visa and then set your sights on this wonderful destination. Join a tour and explore the spectacular natural surroundings. There really is no end to the possibilities.