Sayulita Fisherman Job?

It didn’t even occur to me to try to get onto one of the fishing boats in Sayulita for my next travel job. It wasn’t so much apathy as it was an overwhelming sense of laziness as I stretched on the white, long sandy beach – Pacifico in hand admiring the slightly overweight Canadian girl with a magnificent rack sunbathing in my peripheral. The tequila from the night before, the boogie boarding, and the intense sun seemed to be the trifecta cementing me in my position. Even the annoying beach hawkers could not awaken the lazy gringo from his beach towel. But alas, after passing out from pacificos the sun, I finally got the will to look for my next travel job, or odd job, or trying to be a respectable member of society position.

Turner barr

Hi, my name is Turner. I travel the world, hustle to find interesting jobs, and write about what happens when you read too many self-help books.

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