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More than Just the Sound of Music: Salzburg

The hills are for sure alive more than just the sound of music in little old Salzburg. Ya that little quaint town in the hills of Austrian Alps. The one where Maria Von something ran around singing and there were kids and Nazis and music? I wouldn’t know, when I got to Salzburg I b-lined straight for the brewery and topped it off with some good old fashion beating of children. It was Christmas time after all, and in Salzburg during Christmas  the Krampus, the Alpine, holiday demon makes his (come to think of it, why can’t their be a female Krampus?) cameo appearance and delivers justice to Austria’s naughty tykes. However, what really adds the magic to the whole affair is the fact that it takes place in Salzburg.



Most people who write about this gem of Europe would probably go on and on about its lovely cobbled streets with chocolate stores or some other little tired shop with a nice old man who has a big mustache and smiles from ear to ear as he repairs your shoes. Or perhaps they would talk about the wonderful fried schnitzel with cranberry sauce that is not like that terrible trite served by its northern neighbor (that would be Germany for the geographically challenged). Or maybe they would talk about the church steeples or the catacombs. It is pretty much everything you think about,  if you were to conjure up an image of Europe all rolled up in a delicious pastry. There are just so many things to see in Salzburg.




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salzburg christmas


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However, one of the best sites, a definite not to miss, when you come to this little marvel is the palace of Hellburnn. Siting just to the south of the city, it has the best Austrian Christmas market and Krampus shows (not that I am biased). It is only a 15-minute bus ride away but you can’t feel the essence of Salzburg without a stop here. So to hell with your Sound of Music, I’m all in on Salzburg even without the Nazis and sing-a-longs. And if you go, you can find hotels in Salzburg online beforehand so you aren’t left freezing outside with the Krampus.



hellburnn christmas

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  • Michael A. Buccilli
    Posted at 18:10h, 10 March

    A great post and thank you for sharing more insight into the city that is so on my bucket list.

    I will admit however that I began my desire to travel there after seeing the movie the first time at age of 7 years old. I do always realize that every city in the world that is mentioned in a movie is more that the movie.

    Thank you….