Man VS The Rice Harvesting Machine in Thailand

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It seems like it was only yesterday that I was getting third degree burns hacking my way through a field as a rice harvester in Thailand. There were ceremonies with strange dancing, the customary rice hats, more strange dancing and a token gringo – to celebrate the new rice harvest. Rice is a big deal in Asia. Like a big deal. Like Justin Bieber big but actually liked and actually needed. Less drunk driving too. Although, I don’t know, the guy behind the wheel of the behemoth rice harvesting machine did seem a bit shifty behind the wheel. Rice wine can do that to you. Regardless, I threw together this video together in case you missed my glorious job of being a rice harvester in Asia.

The Rice Harvesting Machine aka Motorized Job Eliminator

rice harvesting


Soon to be unemployed guy


meh…that looks like a lot of work

After a few hours of working my way through the fields clearing the rice, I thought I was going to die. Until I saw the rice harvesting machine come into save the day and save my complexion from turning into something that resembled a casino cocktail waitress’s face that had seen too many day slinging Mai Thais in chain smoking land. Nonetheless – the relief was soon overshadowed with the sad realization that me – and one day my fellow harvesters – would become redundant due to this more efficient and non-healthcare requiring beast. Ah technology, delivering “freedom”, low-cost efficiency and  a one way ticket to the unemployment line.

I may have become redundant, but operating motorized vehicles with rice wine ain't a bad gig either.

I may have become redundant, but operating motorized vehicles with rice wine ain’t a bad gig either.