Protesting in America

Ironic American Protestors
Although my Occupy Brothers have faded from the headlines as of late, with only a couple days left before my departure to Mexico to embark on my around the world adventure (aka Operation Steal Back American Jobs), I felt reminiscent of my American comrades fighting the man. Long has America been known to protest with the best of them. After all, when our American women in the 1960s fought the good fight, against the misogynist swine who scorned the idea of women wanting to do something other than house work. American Housewives 1950sWhat did they do? They protested. They protested like only Americans can. They burned bras and trail blazed a feminist revolution. The hippy movement in the 1970s shunned corporatism and “the Man”, and fulfilled their moral obligation to fight righteously against the wrong doers with powerful sit ins, large musically inspired gatherings, and even trying the forbidden fruit, just to prove just how much they cared. During the Vietnam War era, my virtuous brethren upped the ante once more, and marched – on college campuses, town halls, and major cities- in unity, against those with fire hoses, states’ national guards, and even on Washington itself, by the millions.

But now. Now is the true test of America’s ability to protest. We must be more daring than ever before to show our true backbone. We aren’t some weak-sauce monks in Nam, prying for attention. We aren’t some allegedly oppressed country in the former USSR bitching about some fence. No. We are the 99%. We are the embodiment of our feminist movement, our fight against segregation, and our unjust war(s) protests. We are our nation’s testament to what can be accomplished with a good sit in. We deserve 500 HD tv channels and on-demand like the rest of the world.

But wait just there America. I think we can do more. We can do more than sleep in tents, pee on public property, and put small, locally-owned businesses out of business by deterring patrons with scary looking homeless people shouting obscenities at them. No. We can do more. Yes…We…Can.

American Occupy Protestors vs. Ukrainian Protestors

The difference between how Ukrainians protest and how Americans protest

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