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Proper Christmas Tree Lot Attire

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DAY 2 Working a Christmas Tree Sales Job

So I woke up today with my body feeling like it was in traction. It’s 6:25 am and I can barely move my arms. Luckily, Christmas has come early and I don’t start until 10:00 am, however, unlike my first day, Seattle weather has decided to peak its head and now there is a steady flow of rain coming down outside. Needless to say, I am elated to start my day.


My first day there was a shortage of extra work clothes onsite, so I had to watch my colleagues with envy as they touted their yellow seaman rain slickers and matching trousers while I was stuck with the only thing I was provided: a pair of orange work gloves 2 sizes to big. It is nice to have workman gloves, even if they are like working with oven mitts on. However, my status and pride shot through the roof today – as my supervisor thought I had earned my stripes enough to earn the privilege of a pair of rain trousers. I guess that in the X-mas tree game, the bar is set so you must make it through one day with enough people skills to not use explicates around children or to put your hand in the chipper – then you can pretty much write your own meal ticket.

Should I be more concerned that the orange pants I was given have a gapping hole the size of Juan de Fuca in the crotch or the fact that I look like I belong on a prison chain gang? Either way, I am chalking today up as a win.