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Just in case you were wondering if I am in fact a real person, with a sweet adorable mother and all, here are some press and media clippings around the web where you can find my ugly mug.

Picking Your Best Travel Guide

Chicago Tribune

The Vagabonds: No Home, Just Travel


6 Dream Travel Jobs that Exist


Adecco Page

Young Entrepreneur

6 Ways to Protect your Digital Brand


Entrepreneur gets Goliath to Back Down – & Pay $50K


Thai Authorities Raid Famous Buddhist Tiger Temple for Alleged Wildlife Trafficking

Huffington Post

The Nasty Truth About Animal Tourism in Thailand

Blogger Vs. Adecco [German]


Intellectual Property Mayhem


Global Job Firm Adecco Uses a Travel Blogs Name for its Travel Contest

NY Daily News

Blogger Urges Employment Site to Stop Copying Articles

The Tennessean

Blogger Battles Big Guys and Wins


Surprising Happy Ending to a Bloggers Corportate Battle

the Consumerist

Writer Claims World’s Largest HR Firm Cloned His Blog for Contest


Did a Multi-Billion Dollar Company Steal This Travel Bloggers Blog

Elite Daily

The Art of Being Original


The Mob and Intellectual Property Rights


Around the World in 80 Jobs Blogger Claims Theft of Brand

Right This Minute

Travel Blogger Says Multi-Billion Dollar Company Swiped His Idea

80 Jobs Around the World Contest

Smart Company

Around the World in 80 Jobs Trademark: SME Urged to Protect Brand


Adecco Settle with Travel Blogger

Matador Network

7 Reason to Think Twice Before Visiting Tiger Temple

What you need to know to support Turner Barr and help #makeitright

Catching Up with Turner Barr of Around the World in 80 Jobs

Associations Now

Beg, Borrow, or Steal? Learn from a Blog CopyCat Scandal

StartUp Smart

Around the World in 80 Jobs Trademarks: Why start ups need to know their Trademark Rights

Bellevue Reporter

Bellevue Man Finds Work, Experience in Global Travel

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