Overcoming Your Traveling Fears

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The travel and tourism industries have suffered over the past few months. The pandemic is the reason for this. Covid-19 has made sure that resorts have stayed empty, and only now that the FDA has approved three different vaccines are we starting to see a travel and vacation uptick.

Maybe you don’t intend to travel this year, though, and the pandemic is not the reason why. Travel makes some people nervous, and they can have particular fears that are hard to overcome. Most mental health professionals agree that travel can benefit you, though, so now might be the time to set aside those fears once and for all.

Let’s talk about some specific travel fears and how to overcome them.

You Might Have Transportation Worries

Maybe transportation worries are what stop you from traveling. Perhaps you’re a nervous flyer, and the idea of getting on a plane terrifies you.

You should know, though, that flying is a lot safer than driving. As any DUI lawyer will tell you, drunk drivers cruise the roads more often than you’d like to imagine, while airplane travel hardly ever leads to crashes.

You can always travel to places where you don’t need to fly, but if your destination is across the country, it’s going to take you several tedious days before you get there instead of mere hours if you fly. Also, if you ever decide that you want to visit an overseas country, a car can never take you there.


You might speak to a therapist about your flying fears. They can prescribe antianxiety medication to help you get past it. You might also take a support animal along to comfort you, like a rabbit, dog, or cat.

Crime Might Worry You

Maybe you know that crime exists where you’re going, and that worries you. Of course, crime exists anywhere. Someone is just as likely to mug you in your hometown vs. a vacation destination.

It’s true that some vacation spots have higher crime rates, but you can take a common-sense approach and avoid problematic behaviors. You can stay in the resort areas. You can stay at the hotel after dark, and you can also avoid taking shortcuts down dark alleys or drinking excessively and then flashing your money.

While crime does occur in unfamiliar locations, certain actions can encourage it, just as others can deter it. Don’t let this particular fear stop you from experiencing new places and cultures.

You Might Have Less Explicable Fears

Some people don’t want to travel for reasons that they cannot so easily explain. You might have agoraphobia, meaning that you’re afraid to leave your home for any reason. Large crowds may bother you, and you might try to avoid places from which you cannot escape easily.

These fears can be difficult to conquer. You can’t quite articulate why you feel like you do, except that you’re away from what’s familiar and out of your element.

If you stay at home every day, you feel like you can control what’s around you. Outside, there are too many variables. You can’t keep track of what’s happening, and you may quickly feel uncertainty or unfamiliarity overwhelming you. These problems are more common since the pandemic began. It’s hard to think that you can be safe since so many individuals have died, and the news has been so bleak.

If you get the vaccine, though, and you keep a mask on when you leave the house, there is no reason to feel so afraid. The real issue is that if you can’t get yourself to leave your home to explore the world a little at some point, the harder it’s going to become as time passes.

Again, speaking to a therapist is probably your best way to get past these emotions. If you can’t do so, you may soon find that you’re unable to even go so far as the mailbox at the driveway’s end.

Fear of Getting Lost

You might feel like if you go to a new place, and you’re staying in a hotel so far from what’s familiar, that you could lose yourself entirely if you try to explore. You can head out with a guide who can show you around. If you don’t speak the language, they can communicate for you if you try to go shopping, eat at a restaurant, and so forth.

Overcoming your fears and traveling is something that can broaden your horizons and help you learn more about yourself.

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