Outdoor Jobs That You’ll Actually Enjoy Doing In Australia

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Australia is one of the most popular countries for travelers to visit and work in. During 2018, 8.5 million travelers landed in Australia. This was a 5% increase compared to 2017’s statistics, according to the TRA. And when you’re traveling around a country which has close to 300 days of sunshine per year and summer temperatures which sit comfortably between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re going to want to earn your bucks in the great outdoors. But what jobs will guarantee you fun and enjoyment?

Fruit picking

The great thing about fruit picking jobs in Australia is that they’re available all year round. As a general rule, fruit picking typically takes place between the months of December and May. However, due to the weather, crops vary in different parts of the country. As such, fruit picking job opportunities in the likes of Queensland, New South Wales, and in the South of the country are constantly advertised. On average, you’ll earn $21.6 AUD per hour ($15.10 USD) while fruit picking, and you’re likely to enjoy a few freebies while you work too.

Outdoor maintenance

Finder anticipates that 10 million tourists will visit Australia by the end of 2019. As such, hotel owners are begging for cleaning companies to ensure their accommodation looks great from the outside in. Spending time thoroughly cleaning business premises can be a rewarding job. What’s more, you’ll learn new skills, such as how to use a pressure washer to keep a building and its windows gleaming. But, best of all, you’ll get to experience long days in the Australian sunshine while making some cash for your travels.

Farm work

Farmhands are typically employed for a few months at a time to carry out a range of tasks on local farms. These can include milking, general maintenance, laboring, construction, animal care, and more. According to PayScale, the average farmhand will earn between $17.17 and $25.25 AUD per hour. However, the biggest benefits for travelers who take on this role is that they often receive cut-price or even free on-site accommodation. Meanwhile, extra generous employers throw in free food too.

Australia is an exceptional country to work in during your travels. And no matter what area of Australia you choose to visit, you can be sure that the weather will be glorious, and that there are plenty of outdoor-based jobs to grab your attention and help you pay your way.