A Mediterranean Holiday In Dubrovnik

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Traveling to Croatia

The enchanting coastal city of Dubrovnik has long been one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. A weekend in Dubrovnik is all you need if you want to experience an extraordinary Mediterranean vacation and plunge in crystal clear waters. Here are a few of the other things that are waiting for visitors to Dubrovnik.

Chilling at the beach

croatia-beach-holidaysDubrovnik is famous for its beautiful beaches and there are plenty of stunning stretches of golden sand for visitors to stretch out on. The public beach of Banje is lined with plenty of amenities and is the perfect place to spend the day soaking up the sun, while Copacabana beach is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and azure blue waters that lap the sand and are ideal for water sports enthusiasts to splash around in.

The Old City

dubrovnik at night

This historical section of Dubrovnik is situated inside the Pile Gate and features a large number of enchanting buildings. This area is completely pedestrianised, which means that visitors can have fun wandering the streets of the Old City at their leisure. Some of the impressive landmarks that can be seen here include the Franciscan church, St Saviour’s Church and the Onofrio’s fountains. Many of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik can also be found in the Old City and this is the perfect place to dine in style.

Eating out

When it comes to food, Dubrovnik certainly has plenty to offer visitors. The cost of eating out in Dubrovnik is very reasonable, and a large number of restaurants and other types of eateries specialise in Croatian cuisine. Local dishes combine Italian and Mediterranean elements to create full flavoured dishes that really pack a punch. Lovers of fresh seafood will be in their element, while speciality dishes include stew, black risotto cooked in squid ink and pork chops in red wine.


There is no shortage of great bars and nightclubs to choose from in Dubrovnik, especially in the Old City. A large number of venues also host live music, especially in the summer months.

All of Dubrovnik’s many elements combine to make this a must-see destination. Visitors who like to remain active while they are on holiday will be able to take part in a wide range of activities in the city and surrounding area including hiking, mountain biking and scuba diving. However, people who are in search of a relaxing break will also be able to spend their time unwinding and enjoying a little pampering in one of the city’s world class spas