Making Money with an Online Store

Making money while traveling isn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do. Landing in a foreign country without knowledge of the local language means you’re already at a loss no matter how hard working you are. However, there are always ways to get around this. Certain jobs such as bartending or working in a hostel don’t require any specialized skills and with just a few words of the local dialect you can get by. An absolute failsafe is to teach English, or whatever your mother tongue is, to the locals. But this is the 21st century; there’s no reason to stick with traditional jobs.

Earn while on the Road

With just an idea, a laptop and an internet connection, you can make a living online while constantly being on the move. This is hardly new information. Travel bloggers have known about this for years and have been able to score sponsorship and promotional deals while circumnavigating the globe. But travel writing isn’t the only way to make a living online – you can also sell products to make ends meet.

Selling products? But how could one possibly do that while traveling? While it might sound impossible, it’s actually quite a simple process. You need a few basic things:

  • An idea:
    You need to discover something that people want or need. This thing may exist already and, if so, you have to figure out how to deliver a better, cheaper version of it, or to deliver it in a more efficient manner. If your idea is completely new, you have to find someone who can produce it and someone who can ship it efficiently to your prospective customers.
  • Competitor Inspiration:
    Look at other online stores to see what they did right and what they did wrong and apply it to your own store. For example, when Appalachian thru-hiker Chris Cage noticed that many of the road meals available lacked the correct nutrition for hikers who can’t afford to stop and cook. So he saw the gap in the market and developed Green Belly to create the perfect on-the-go food.
  • An Online Store:
    It’s here where most people panic, thinking that they have to design a website from scratch, include payment portals and hire a number of specialists to bring it altogether. Luckily you don’t have to do any of that; there are a number of sites like 1&1 that provide you with a store template, allowing you to design an online shop effortlessly.
  • Branding and marketing:
    Decide on your name, color scheme and logo, and figure out how you’re going to get your name out there. Online marketing techniques such as social media promotion, Google Ads and SEO will help you get discovered and lead to your first sales.

Set up Shop Anywhere

Starting an online store gives you the opportunity to travel freely while managing your operation on the road. Since there’s no brick and mortar store, there’s nothing tying you down to one specific place. It’s going to take some work, but when your office is a beach in South-East Asia, a café in Athens or a lake in Germany, it’s worth getting up in the morning.

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Hi, my name is Turner. I travel the world, hustle to find interesting jobs, and write about what happens when you read too many self-help books.

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