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Making Your Own Luck: You Gotta Take the Long Shots

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lucky buddha

I recently wrote about the Best Jobs in the World, which is a working holiday put on by Australia’s tourism board that pays you $100,000 for a six-month contract doing probably the sweetest jobs ever. There were 428,000 applicants by the time I threw my hat in the ring, so your odds are basically 1 out of half a million, roughly the same as finding a significant other who can both dance and not completely embarrass you in public these days. A true long shot. Regardless, you gotta take these shots  and make your own luck.

For real.

Success in life is not a forgone conclusion. It is a probability. You take concerted action on a regular basis and then magically the odds of your success go up. You are stacking the deck in your favor until one day you “get lucky”. There isn’t some magic formula that produces luck. Well – maybe I should say there is. It is called playing as many hands as possible in the probability game. Some people take one shot and hit it, others stack the deck and it takes longer, if ever, but you gotta take those long shots when they come along. This holds true for both work and employment opportunities, and the romance game.

Over the past year and half, most of my job hustle has consisted of taking those shots. Some were not long, but what mattered, was that I got in the game. How do you get in the game? What’s the best way to stack that probability?

As seen in the video, I would have never found out about guys doing distance teaching at online American universities for $2,500 a course, had I not fought against my natural urge to put my iPhone ear buds in and turn on my internal snooze mode and completely ignore this dude (he was American after all, and I tend to zone out and sing something less annoying, like Justin Bieber songs in my head, when I hear my country men’s accents).


working at a pizzeria

When I was in Italy, I really wanted to work in an Italian pizzeria to learn the art of pizza making. So what did I do? I did something out of the ordinary. I drank wine and spoke to strangers.  Anyone and everyone when out. Having beer at a café and see a guy drinking alone? Say what’s up. At a social mixer and see a couple of folks you don’t know? Go say what’s up.

Bottom line, to increase your probability of success of having cool shit happen to you: get social, open your mouth and just let words fall out. By doing so, you will make opportunities.

Or creep out strangers. Either way – win.