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How To Make Money While Traveling The World

A huge percentage of the population would like to travel the different parts of the world daily. Wake up on a beach, dine in the romantic city of Paris, sunbathe in Hawaii and go rock climbing in the beautiful Colorado Mountains. How? Make money while traveling the world.

However, with a normal career, all these activities cannot be confined to the normal 2 week vacation allocated annually. This article gives a brief overview of how to make money while traveling the world and proves that the dream of a daily worldwide adventure is possible.

1. Online Writing

This is the most common way of making money that is location independent. One only needs to have a laptop and internet connection. With impeccable writing skills and speed, you can get online clients, write articles even for magazines and get paid. The beauty of this job is that the amount of money is only restricted to the number of articles that you can write. This gives you the opportunity to set your own working hours and better yet; traveling schedule.

2. Web Developer

Under this job title, one is mainly concerned with how a website works. This means that they can work from anywhere and communicate with their clients via emails. In the event that the clients want changes made to their websites, they will communicate this and changes will be made from the developers end. This basically means that the web developer can be under a gazebo in Spain and their clients in Dubai but the job still gets done. You can find a lot of work on sites like Upwork where people go to look for freelance developers.

3. Teach English Online

How to make money online while travelling

There is a countless number of people around the world that would want to learn English. However, there is a huge challenge in finding teachers easily. With proper qualification, one can use applications such as Skype to teach English to their clients as a way to earn money while traveling. Another option is to be employed by a company that has clients seeking to learn English online. In this case, your location will not be an issue as long as you make time for teaching; you can travel while at it.

4. Trading In Day Stocks

With the increase in technological change, trading can be done independently. One can buy and sell stock and make huge profits on their own. With the profits, traveling expenses are financed. The advantage of this online job is the fact that there is no specified time when you should trade. As long as you follow the stock trends then you can make sales or buy stock at any time. This leaves you with ample time to travel anywhere around the world.

5. Online Gambling

How to make money while traveling the world by gambling online is one of the sources of finance that has a huge variety of options to choose from. It is also very flexible with many mobile casinos and apps to choose from. With a huge jackpot win, one can even take a long break before continuing, all whilst traveling to their desired destinations. Betting can be done on various sports to increase the chances of winning. The only disadvantage with this is its addictive quality. The returns can however be greater than expected and in the process expanding the territories and means through which you could travel.

6. Travel Photography

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This is one very exciting way to make money as you travel. It however requires unmatched skills. There are various companies that buy such photography work. Some magazines even give contracts to photographers allowing them to travel to different parts of the world and take photos of the beautiful scenery that depict the different cultures that they encounter. They then send back the photos and continue with their journey.

7. Flight Attendant

People in this career are probably some of the luckiest as they get to travel all over the world and get paid for it. This career gives one the opportunity to go sight-seeing and enjoy different cultures while still making money. Some perks of this career include reduced air fares and subsidized hotel rates. This gives them the perfect opportunity to travel globally.

8. Virtual Assistant

The role of a virtual assistant includes responding to emails, data entry, diary management and managing social media accounts. Most managers who require virtual assistants travel a lot on their own. With such a job description, it is possible to work from anywhere around the world and still make money while at it. This job opportunity is advantageous since the earning is guaranteed and very stable.


It is no longer necessary to take a break from work and go on vacation. With the numerous choices of making money while traveling the world, one can clearly achieve both at the same time.

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