Make Money By Starting Temporary Businesses While Travelling

Turner Travel Job Tips

Traveling is expensive and so it can take a huge amount of time to save up for a trip, doesn’t it? Well no not really, you should know if you’ve read this website before then there are many ways we can do something to save or make money while we are traveling. So with that in mind why not try running your own small, temporary, business while away and make a lot more money doing things that are more fun than the usual bar jobs.

Find Festivals To Set Up At

Firstly there is something to be said about finding the right audience for your new business, even though it is just temporary and summer festivals are the perfect place to find this, you can get a pitch and sell things or offer a catering stall. Festival culture is on the rise as there are several events every weekend of the summer all over the country and abroad. This gives you a huge amount of choice and if you can get your sums right it could be a good little earner. The key to this is research, find out the criteria to get a pitch, when to apply and most importantly the cost so that you can plan how much you need to sell to make a profit.

Host Events In Party Spots

Another summer classic is to host events, especially in known party spots, where if you can create a buzz and get people to come then it can be a good venture. One thing that is key, like any business venture, is getting to know the right people, networking basically. This will help spread the word if you can get the right level of anticipation.

Provide Guided Tours

If you have been somewhere regularly and know it then why not provide a tour service. If you can add in a unique perspective or experience on this tour then it could set you apart from the crowd. Why not make it a unique form of transport, for example, you could hire a boat from somewhere like yacht club 12knots and provide a luxury experience including accommodation.

Be An Instructor For Sports Or Activities

If you are sufficiently qualified in a sport or activity then it makes perfect sense to make money from that skill. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you are qualified and insured but as we know it can be a great job instructing others as you can make enough money to stay in an interesting place and have a great life for a while.

Pop Up Bars Or Restaurants

If you can, then setting up a temporary bar or food place can be really cool. The emergence of event bars and ‘street-food’ make this a real opportunity and you can travel around and see different places while doing this. Be sure to be aware that you are licensed and are following all local food preparation guidelines.